iOS11: The App Store Redesigned

The iOS 11 operating system is finally here! App developers and marketers have been eagerly waiting for the launch of iOS 11 since it was first announced at Apple’s Annual Worldwide Developers Conference, just over three months ago.

Apple’s Out of This World Keynote

Apple’s annual autumnal Keynote Event is always highly anticipated, but the expectation surrounding this year’s event was particularly heightened due to Apple suffering its largest intentional internal leak ever, just two days before the live stream.

Are The App Stores Making It Too Hard To Get Discovered?

Currently the Android App Store holds over 2.8 million apps and the Apple App Store 2.2 million. This is an immense amount of competition for visibility inside the already confined space, causing so many apps to fall flat unable to generate any volume from either organic or paid search. But are the likes of Google and Apple making it too hard for developers to establish themselves and be discovered?

When is Your App Ready For Paid Search?

It’s important to make sure your app is prepared for a paid search campaign, have the right areas been addressed and the outcomes identified to clarify if the campaign is working?

5 Key Actions to Take Once Your App Goes Live

Your apps live in the app store, and slowly your starting to get a few downloads. But you crave more. 1 or 2 downloads a day isn’t going to set the world alight and you need more traffic. Below are 5 point you need to consider to once your app is out there. These will guide the success of your app and help you improve your traffic and downloads.

3 Ways of Achieving Great ROI From Your PPC Campaigns

How do you obtain the biggest return on your investments when utilizing pay per click advertising? Achieving good results are the foundations for learning how to improve your other campaigns and build further on your returns.

3 Steps to Becoming the Master of App Discovery

So you have built an app, a brilliant app in fact, but nobody’s downloading it? You’re not the first and you wont be the last. With the Google Play store hosting 2.8 million apps, and Apple trailing closely behind with 2.2million apps, you can imagine how hard it is to be discovered.

App Marketing Terms You Need To Know

Are you a CMO, start-up with a new app or private investor, looking to increase app downloads, user engagement and/or ROI but don’t quite get all the mobile jargon?

The App Store is Evolving: What does this mean for App Discoverability?

Apple has just announced big changes coming to the App Store at their annual Apple Worldwide Developers Conference. The changes are due to happen in the Autumn, with the iOS 11 update. Apple has redesigned the App Store from the ground up, using their knowledge of the millions of apps that have been downloaded billions of times. The App Product Page has been redesigned to spotlight more engaging content and put the most important information at the centre of search.

The Launch of Blackbox: The Innovative Game Changer in User Acquisition

When Rory Mudie was a senior executive at Vodafone, he spotted a trend in App promotion and noticed how App Store search was failing; it was then, he decided he would create the most used app promotion tool in the world.

Redbox Mobile PLC Brings New Concept ASO Plus & Search Ads to MWC 2017 in Barcelona

Redbox Mobile PLC, the global leader in app ecosystems and ASO in the commercial and mobile markets, has announced that it will be demonstrating its next generation App Store Optimization strategies – ASO Plus - for delivering the best enhanced ASO to complement iOS 10, combining its Search Ads function with existing organic search optimization.

Apple's 58% conversion rate makes Google look pricey - 5 steps to success

Brands and developers can now buy keyword search inside Apple’s app store. This article has 5 essential working practices that makes PPC look pricey and inefficient…

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