Top ASO Hacks You Need To Know

Top ASO Hacks You Need To Know

Boosting organic app downloads and deposits in the gambling sector is one of the toughest nuts to crack. With over 20,000 apps competing for the keyword ‘casino’ and 15,000 for ‘bet football’ how are you possibly going to succeed?

  1. ASO keyword strategy; use the obvious keywords, but also use the less obvious ones. E.g. ACCA might have low search volume, but v high relevance. Build up a conversion history on these low volume words and it’ll help you rank for the big competitive words.

  2. Which keywords actually convert to a deposit or registration? Our work with Apple Search ads tells us ranking no1 for many terms is pure vanity. The Search ads data allows you to refine your organic ASO strategy and focus on keywords which actually drive performance.

  3. Go early. If you’re a Sportsbook and want to rank well for e.g. Cheltenham, stick it in your subtitle or promo text now.

  4. Apple search ads is your friend, even if you don’t know it yet. Search ads is the cheapest (quality) acquisition channel . It allows you to buy keywords that actually produce a result. I.e. a deposit. Spending on Search ads helps pin point the right words and at the right price.

  5. ASO is getting harder. The results take longer and you wont succeed without paid spend on Search ads. App acquisition is now not just ASO but Search ads + ASO. Search ads will boost your organic keywords and downloads too.

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