The Only Way Is UAC

The Only Way Is UAC

A new chapter in paid advertising has almost arrived; with the focus shifting from manually optimising demographic targeting and Cost Per Click (CPC) bidding strategies to a more automated, machine learning driven, approach. A couple of months ago, Google announced that Mobile app install campaigns will be eclipsed by Universal App Campaigns (UACs) and, as of tomorrow (15th November 2017), all existing Search, Display and YouTube app promotion campaigns will stop running.

Google first introduced UACs two years ago and provided an alternative to the time-consuming manual Mobile app install campaigns. UACs promote Android or iOS apps across Google’s Search, Play, YouTube and Display Network using machine learning to optimise bids, ad placements and demographic targeting. Google UACs are quick and easy to set up and, at the very basic level, only require the user to input text ideas, a daily budget, a target bid, and location targeting. Google has also provided short Best Practice guides for UACs to further optimise your campaign; these guides highlight the importance of optimising UACs for the right In-app Action and supplying Google with a diverse range of images and videos to be coupled with the text ideas to produce the ad.

However, despite the basic setup, Google UACs have been shown to be very successful. Google have been keen to provide case studies documenting the efficacy of upgrading Mobile app install campaigns to Google UACs; and have found that, on average, In-app Action UACs drive 140% more conversions per dollar than other Google app promotion products.

While the reduction in targeting options available may not be welcomed by all marketers, at Redbox Mobile, we are excited about the shift in attention for marketers; UACs force app marketers to take a different, but more valuable, approach to optimising paid search campaigns for apps. Google’s machine learning allows marketers to spend more time developing creative assets and text ideas as well as testing which assets are generating the best conversion rates. We are eager to see how Google, over time, develop the targeting and reporting functionalities that are currently available in AdWords for UACs.

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