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App Product Page Videos: Your App’s Elevator Pitch!

Are you forever trying to find ways to make your app stand out on the crowded app stores? Perhaps you should be using product page videos! They’re a highly effective way to drive consumer engagement and conversion, so here we look at the best-practice approach to adding them to your product page.

A Beginners Guide to Custom Product Pages

Our comprehensive guide on setting up Custom Product Pages. We review the Pros and the Cons and walk you through the setup process.

Screenshots: The Shop Window Of Your App

Visuals play a key role in the journey for a user while on the app stores and downloading apps. They are 10 times more likely to scroll through the screenshot preview gallery than they are expanding the description, so it is crucial that the screenshots “sell” the app and become embedded in the user’s life. What is the main aim of screenshots? Simply put, it is to drive installs.

5 Tips for Designing Great App Store Screenshots (with Examples!)

Lead Designer Nicole Azu from Redbox Mobile discusses screenshot best practices, the importance of messaging, and gaining a competitive advantage on the iOS app store.

How to Boost Apple Search Ads: Screenshots

Have you been managing your Apple Search Ads campaign for a while? If you have, I imagine that you’re pretty happy with how you’re optimising bids and allocating budget, whether you’re doing this manually or programmatically. You are probably well-versed in the calculations involved in determining the conversion rates between the tap and the completion of your KPI event and in the adjustments you should be making for the well-known common discrepancies between Apple and your attribution provider.

Why screenshots matter to ASO

Recently Apple extended their screenshot limit from 5 to 10 images. Why do iOS Screenshots matter to you, and how to maximise your ASO impact with them.

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