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5 Tips for Designing Great App Store Screenshots (with Examples!)

Screenshots are a reflection of your app’s overall user experience. According to our global study in consumer app behaviour (Consumer App Study), 61% of consumers will spend time viewing an app’s listing page after seeing a search result. This means that more than half of users will view your screenshots before making a decision to download your app. Well-designed screenshots should guide your audience through the main features and benefits, in a way that’s appealing and persuasive. Designing perfectly optimised screenshots can be challenging, so I have listed my top tips that will help boost your conversion rates.

*Please note that the views expressed are my own and the designs are purely used as examples of best practices.

1. Keep It Simple

It’s important for your screenshots to provide brief, effective messaging that instantly explains your app’s purpose. You might be tempted to cram as much information in as possible, but users are much more responsive to screenshots that are eye-catching and self-explanatory, without requiring the user to expand each image.

Deliveroo Screenshots

Deliveroo’s UK screenshots are a great example of simple messaging. The design includes one (very) tempting image per screenshot, and no more than a few words to provide context. The bold imagery, colours and brief captions describe the app’s features in an easily digestible format that users are likely to understand without having to expand each image.

2. Experiment with Layouts

It is crucial for your screenshots to be as visually engaging as possible. An easy way of achieving this is to vary the composition of your creatives, ensuring that each image illustrates your app’s features in a way that speaks to your audience. This example from Over includes a unique layout that drives attention towards specific features that users will look for. No screenshot looks the same, and this is what will encourage users to continue scrolling through the entire set.

Another example of this would be one of our clients, Times Radio. The composition of each screenshot is determined by the specific app feature being highlighted. This approach keeps the design looking modern, engaging, and maintains a sense of movement across the set.

The Times Radio Screenshots

3. Show Achievements

Accolades will build trust with your audience and boost your credibility. Calm draws attention to their “App of the Year” award by placing it in a highly prominent position on the first screenshot. Positive app reviews can also be used in a similar way to boost conversion.

Calm Screenshot

4. Titles are Everything

Make your screenshots stand out with large, bold titles. Remember, app screenshots are displayed at a smaller size within the search results, and very few users will expand your screenshots individually. Although you’ll need to be more selective with your language, your creatives will stand out considerably among competitors. Like an elevator pitch, you only have a few seconds to sell your story. Uber’s large titles create a stark contrast with the black background for optimal readability.

5. Test, Test, Test

AB testing, either on App Store Connect or Google Play Console, will give the data you need to optimise your screenshots effectively. Changing a specific component of the creatives will help isolate any impact on conversion. For example, you can run a test to measure the impact of different call to actions on conversion rates. With each iteration you should get closer to the optimal screenshot design.


Designing beautiful, user-friendly screenshots that are also backed by real-world data will take time, preparation and plenty of AB testing along the way. Whilst there isn’t a “one size fits all” approach to optimising app store creatives, these general rules should help you balance the core ASO best-practices with great design. The top 5 tips for great screenshots are:

  1. Keep it simple
  2. Experiment with Layouts
  3. Show Achievements
  4. Titles are Everything
  5. Test, Test, Test

If you’d like to find out more about app store creatives, please feel free to contact us.