App Product Page Videos: Your App’s Elevator Pitch!

Product page videos - a highly effective way to drive consumer engagement and conversion, so here we look at the best-practice approach to adding them to your product page.

What’s the opportunity?

Product page videos provide a quick and engaging way to showcase the core functionalities and unique features of your app. On the App Store, app previews are designed to autoplay without sound and are limited to 30 seconds, focusing on delivering a concise, impactful message. For the Play Store, promo videos invite users to interact by clicking to play, offering a more detailed insight into what the app offers.

First Impressions Matter:

We humans are visual creatures - we make quick decisions based on first impressions. This means your app’s got just a few seconds to grab a user's attention and hook them. A well-crafted video will hold user attention for longer and is vastly more engaging than static visuals; a video enables you to quickly convey so much more about why your app is the right choice.

"Think of it as your app's elevator pitch—quick, compelling, and convincing."

Boost Engagement and Understanding:

Videos are inherently a more engaging and immersive experience - when users watch a well-crafted video, they're more likely to understand what your app offers and how it can solve their problems or entertain them. Product page videos can help users understand the UI, how the app looks and works, creating familiarity, even before they’ve installed the app.

Increase Conversions:

As they say “a picture is worth a thousand words”, but a video is worth a thousand pictures. Studies show that apps with product page videos have higher conversion rates. Videos build trust and credibility, helping users feel more confident in their decision to download your app. The sneak peek provided by the video reduces uncertainty and compels decision-making, thereby increasing the likelihood of a conversion to install.

Improved Search Rankings:

Apps with a high engagement rate do well on the app stores; more page impressions, longer viewing times, and increased download velocity can positively impact your app's organic ranking, making it more discoverable to potential users. A great video can drive all these metrics upwards, giving your app a competitive edge.

See it in action here:

Best Practices for Creating Stellar Product Page Videos

Optimise for Silent Viewing:

It’s worth knowing that App Store (iOS) video autoplay plays without sound, and many users choose to watch videos without sound. So it’s crucial to create videos that they’re effective at communicating your USPs, even with the sound off, such as using on-screen text and clear visual cues.

Tailor content for each app store:

Fully utilise the scope that each app store offers, for video display. For instance, the Play Store allows for longer videos, which means you can include more detailed demonstrations and user scenarios.

Keep it focused:

Regardless of app store rules, you should make sure your video is concise - aim for 30 seconds, and certainly no more than 60 seconds. This is enough time to highlight the main features and benefits and drive home how the app solves a problem or enhances the user's life, without losing the viewer's attention. Remember, the goal is to pique their interest and drive for a download.

Get straight to the point:

The success of your keywords will tell you what people are looking for in your app, so get straight to the point with your video and kick off with the features that you know are most interesting to searching users. Highlight the user interface, key features, and any unique elements that set your app apart from the competition

Include a Strong Call to Action (CTA):

Don't leave your viewers hanging - clearly signpost what they should do next by adding a compelling CTA.  Whether that's "Download Now," "Try It Free," or "Join the Fun," make sure it's prominent and persuasive.

Localise Your Content:

If your app is available on multiple storefronts, consider creating localised versions of your video. Tailor the content to resonate with different cultures, contexts and languages, which can improve relatability and engagement.

Test and Iterate:

Finally, don't be afraid to experiment. A/B test different versions of your video to see which one performs better. Pay attention to metrics like view-through rates, engagement, and conversion rates, and use this data to refine your video strategy. Maybe the one that you thought wouldn’t work, actually converts the best, so go ahead and test all your ideas out.


In the highly competitive app market, every advantage counts. A product page video is more than just a nice-to-have - it's a must-have. It can be the difference between your app being overlooked or downloaded. By creating an engaging, informative, and visually appealing video, you can boost engagement, increase conversions, and improve your app's visibility in the app stores.

So, what are you waiting for? Unleash your creativity, harness your user data and watch your app soar to new heights! Alternatively, simply brief us to create and test your videos for you!  Book a call with our creative team now.

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