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A global study into consumer attitudes to app discovery

Incredible insight from consumers in the US, China and Europe that will help you understand how to get your app noticed.

Much is known about how many apps are downloaded and how they are used, but there is very little research into WHY consumers download apps. In this groundbreaking study, we interviewed 1,500 consumers in the US, China, UK, France, Italy, Germany and Spain. We wanted to understand how they discover apps as well as the most influential factors that eventually lead them to download the apps that they were interested in.

This study not only breaks down insights by country but also by age and demographics so that you'll gain unparalleled insight into the motivation of your target customers.

In this FREE report you'll discover:

  • How consumers find apps including how they search, where they're searching and the influence of factors such as app store charts, featured apps and social media
  • When consumers are most active browsing their local app stores by country
  • The real impact of paid and organic search on app discovery
  • The key factors that influence consumers to download an app including price, star ratings and reviews, word of mouth and advertising
  • The app listing page factors that consumers find most important including icons, screenshots, videos and price

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