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Unveiling the pontential of Apple Search Ads for digital banking and fintech apps

The fintech market across banking and trading is fiercely competitive - the never-ending pursuit of mobile customer acquisition has put the focus on return on advertising spend (ROAS) and nowhere is this more cut-throat than on the app stores, where conversion of valuable users is fiercely sought after. Hence, investment in a comprehensive Apple Search Ads strategy can be instrumental in reaching and converting more users.

Strategic ASO Practices for Digital Banking and Fintech Apps

In this third instalment of #FintechFocus, we highlight App Store Optimisation (ASO) strategies that play a vital role in enhancing app visibility, user trust, and overall performance for your digital banking and fintech app.

Navigating Challenges and Implementing Strategies for Growing Digital Banking and Fintech Apps

The comprehensive insights presented in this blog, stem from their extensive expertise with Digital Banks and Finetch apps. Their strategies, meticulously crafted to address the challenges inherent in Digital Banks and Finetch apps, hold relevance in similar use-case scenarios within the broad spectrum of Fintech applications. Draw on them for your own growth, or engage our team to convert these challenges into opportunities for your fintech app.

Unlocking the key metrics and tools for digital banking and fintech mobile app growth.

The rise of digital banking and finance has revolutionised the way people manage their money; today, three quarters of adults globally now have a digital/mobile money account. In this article, we delve specifically into digital bank and fintech apps, taking a look at the important metrics that drive app growth.

Purchasely guest blog: Festive season monetization strategies for dating apps: conversion and retention

The winter holiday season offers a golden opportunity for dating apps to draw in new users and enhance user loyalty. In this guest blog by app monetisation specialist Purchasely, we explore some straightforward strategies to help your dating app improve its conversion and retention rates during this bustling time.

Event blog: Acquisition to Advocate: Growing the most valuable app users.

This valuable panel event brought together industry leaders from Monzo, So Syncd and Domino's to discuss their best practice tactics and real life examples of taking app users from acquisition to advocate.

Panel event review: Growth and Loyalty via the eCommerce App

In late April, brands from the world of eComm app marketing braved the rain to watch a panel discussion with three eCommerce big-hitters: Stuart Jones (Domino’s), Jessica Llarena (Decathlon) and Justin Reid (Tripadvisor). Read the highlights!

Postcard From Las Vegas…

This week the Redbox team have been in Las Vegas at the MAU (Mobile Apps Unlocked) event - a huge convention of exhibitors and speakers, all coming together to discuss, promote, demo and sell their many and varied app marketing solutions.

The Rise of the Subscription Economy - Webinar

We recently held a successful and informative webinar in association with AppsFlyer to discuss the strategies and industry thinking surrounding the recent marked rise of subscriptions as a monetisation model.

How to Prepare your App for Black Friday

We take a look at ways to get your App Ready for Black Friday with some tips on Metadata and Screenshot Design. We reference AWARD WINNING work completed for PLT (PrettyLittleThing) and cover recommendations from Redbox and Apple!

iOS15 - Optimise for Better User Experience

Time to review what we do and don't know about the imminent iOS 15 update from Apple

iOS 15: A Game Changer for App Store Product Pages

At WWDC 2021, Apple showed just how important they feel an app's Product Page is with the announcement of three new features that are designed to help developers acquire more customers through the App Store.

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