Are you using Custom Product Pages to improve your Dating app's conversions?

Custom product pages on the App Store have made it easier for app marketers to acquire new users through the use of highly tailored product page creative that facilitates targeted Apple Search Ads campaigns with ad variations, which are proven to increase conversion rates. The custom product page opportunity has been especially beneficial for apps in the dating vertical, so here we’ve outlined the key advantages and the potential of this App Store feature.

In this blog you’ll read about how custom product pages allow dating apps to be relevant to different global audience segments; how using custom product pages can deliver better conversion from your UA investments outside the App Store; when to use custom product pages to promote new app features or subscription offers, and how custom product pages fuel ad variations across search results campaigns.

Why do dating apps use custom product pages to scale their user base?

When Apple launched custom product pages, they allowed apps to create 35 different variations, which offered massive scope for apps to be both imaginative and targeted.  For dating apps, there is the opportunity to align custom product pages with specific communication strategies, with performant search terms, with seasonality and events to mimic competitors or A/B test ideas.

Additionally, with 35 variations available, dating apps are syncing their custom product pages with their UA campaigns that are running outside of the App Store, across channels such as Google, Facebook, Tiktok, Demand Side Platforms (DSPs), Out-of-home (OOH), etc. The potential to create bespoke landing pages for your UA channels, target audiences, product features, or seasonal events (you name it, you can do it!) puts your UA at another level.

But perhaps one of the greatest advantages of custom product pages is that they power your Apple Search Ads ad variations strategies.  By connecting custom product pages to your search result ad campaigns, you can deliver a wide variety of ad variations to users who are searching on the App Store, using the performant keywords you have identified.  The ability to serve highly tailored search result ads will improve tap-through rate to a custom product page – this delivers a seamless communication journey for your potential user.

Does it work?

Yes, it does - our clients have experienced +30% uplift in conversion rates via custom product pages.  Our team leverages these creative opportunities on Apple Search Ads to drive conversion rates for our clients; we have a proven design and test framework within which we analyse data, and implement learnings for continued user acquisition, across geos. When you think your app has hit its growth headroom, think again.  Custom product pages have lifted the growth ceiling for our clients.

This sounds good, but specifically, what are the tips for dating apps?

Our team has thousands of hours of experience developing, testing and launching custom product pages, so here are their top custom product page tactics:

To stay ahead of the competition and to be hyper-relevant to the target base, it’s likely that dating apps have some unique features or services, created specifically to appeal to different users. Those people will be using specific keywords to search for what’s on offer, so it’s a no-brainer to create custom product pages that live up to their expectations and improve your conversions. For example, if your app offers match-making as well as friend-finding, you should target, greet and treat those audiences quite differently - custom product pages make that easy to do.

2. Convert your subscription offers

Promoting a sign-up offer through one of your media channels, or operating a refer-a-friend incentive? Or, maybe you’ve got a premium audience that you’re targeting with a vibe that’s quite different to your free-user acquisition campaign. Custom product pages create the opportunity to make sure that your affiliate, social channel or referral links drop potential new users onto a page that is perfectly aligned with the subscription/paywall offer and benefits package that you’ve created for them.

3. Show people what they know.

Features, benefits and subscription packages aside, the most obvious way to utilise custom product pages is to creatively reflect the persona of your target audiences.  Use images, colours and language that feels familiar to the lifestyles and attitudes of your potential new user.

There are such diverse communities in today’s society that it’s imperative for dating apps to be clear about who they’re for - your keyword selection is as critical here as your creativity is.  In our experience, using the creative scope of custom product pages to improve immediate visual relevance in this way leads to quite healthy results and has helped dating apps to acquire quality users from across different social groups.

4. Convert Out-Of-Home (OOH) campaigns effectively

Digital billboards, roadside D6s, taxi wraps, megasites and mall screens - they’re just a few of the OOH opportunities that help dating apps reach millions of people in different locations, moments, and mindsets. If you’re planning your OOH campaign and you’re developing different creatives by format or time of day, you’d be mad not to also drive people to an App Store page that reflects the tone of your ad and delivers a seamless user journey to download. With 35 custom product pages available, dating apps can easily use OOH communications to drive specific search terms linked to complementary App Store pages.

What do successful custom product pages look like?

"Speed Dating" Example

Speed Dating CPP

"Meet Singles" Example

Meet Single CPP

Let's get right to it - custom product pages are a set of app screenshots that look distinctly different from the default set. It’s not a complicated idea! The best way to answer the question is simply to show you some real-life examples of how dating apps are using custom product pages and target keywords to improve relevance and conversion:

Keeping track of what’s working and what’s not

Conversion rates are largely impacted by how consistent your messaging is, from the initial ad exposure (on any of your channels) through to the custom product page link.  If a user is on the App Store and you’re running Apple Search Ads, your custom product pages will ensure your search result ad variations are consistent too.

The key to assessing ad variation and custom product page effectiveness is to track attribution via your MMP; you’re using unique URLs to steer users from your ad investments to your custom product pages, so tracking should be straightforward.

Test, learn and optimise for success

By understanding which keywords, user segments or media channels drive the most value, you’re able to adjust your creatives and messaging, and focus your media spend on the strategies that deliver the best click-through rates, acquire quality users and achieve high LTV for your dating app.

What next?

Custom product pages on the App Store have solved a major problem for dating apps i.e. allowing broad flexibility in Apple Search Ads search result ad variations targeting through creative and keyword combinations, and enabling dating app brands to create custom product pages for their wider media investments outside the App Store.

But how to get your custom product page strategy up and running quickly?  Of course, we’re going to suggest that you give us a call - you should!  Redbox Mobile is an Apple Search Ads partner, with a campaign management platform that was recently voted UA platform of the year.  Our platform, Astra, also has built-on automated custom product page testing and is used by our highly experienced creative consultants to test, optimise and achieve best-in-market custom product page performance.  Get in touch to learn more.

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