Unlocking the key metrics and tools for digital banking and fintech mobile app growth.

The rise of digital banking and finance has revolutionised the way people manage their money; today, three quarters of adults globally now have a digital/mobile money account. In this article, we delve specifically into digital bank and fintech apps, taking a look at the important metrics that drive app growth.

Using Astra to grow your Apple Search Ads share of voice.

Share of voice reporting in Apple Search Ads provides insight to how your campaigns are performing. Here you'll find top tips for managing the factors that influence SoV and how to use Astra to control them.

Purchasely guest blog: Festive season monetization strategies for dating apps: conversion and retention

The winter holiday season offers a golden opportunity for dating apps to draw in new users and enhance user loyalty. In this guest blog by app monetisation specialist Purchasely, we explore some straightforward strategies to help your dating app improve its conversion and retention rates during this bustling time.

Astra by Redbox Mobile wins Most Effective UA Platform at the 2023 EMMAs

Our Apple Search Ads campaign management platform, Astra has been awarded a major accolade for its ability to deliver market-leading performance for our app clients.

To mark the first decade, Redbox Mobile introduces a vibrant new look!

Designed entirely in-house, the rebrand positions Redbox as the comprehensive app growth consultant, adtech pioneer and Apple Search Ads partner, that it has evolved into today.

Elevate your custom product page testing with Astra Experiments

Custom product pages are unique and personalised App Store product pages that enable the delivery of a consistent message across your paid traffic and the App Store. Testing and optimising this message synergy creates improved engagement and targeting, thus pointing your paid strategy towards a better conversion rate.

Side-step these five common App Store Optimisation mistakes, to stay at the top of your game.

In today's competitive app landscape, standing out from the crowd and ensuring optimal conversion rates on the App Store is essential for success. App Store Optimisation (ASO) plays a pivotal role in achieving these goals - here are a few tips to help you achieve success!

A guide to successful creative testing on the App Store

Redbox has an industry-leading creative team who have developed a proven testing framework for app brands who simply don’t have the internal resource. Here, Katrina Lee, senior designer at Redbox, outlines a few best-practice approaches for testing your assets.

Best practice tips: mastering the key performance metrics of ASO.

To many, ASO is a dark art; so to help you to navigate this complex topic, Diya Afreen, senior ASO executive at Redbox, dives into the key performance indicators of ASO, explaining how to improve them, to propel your app to new heights.

A revolution in Apple Search Ads campaign testing.

In the world of mobile advertising, staying ahead of the competition can be challenging. With so many factors at play, it's crucial to find the perfect formula for success. Enter Redbox Mobile's latest innovation for our Apple Search Ads platform: Astra Experiments.

Boosting Astra’s brain-power with ChatGPT

ChatGPT's capabilities offer significant advantages in the context of Apple Search Ads, which is why its AI has been integrated across Astra, our ASA platform. ChatGPTs’ ability to handle large datasets, generate keywords, and forecast trends makes it a valuable tool for improving the performance of your Apple Search Ads investments.

Astra's conditional rules create a smart learning environment.

Conditional rules are the linchpin that enables Astra’s machine learning-based decision making to excel in Apple Search Ads optimisation. Here we explore the power of conditional rules and how they assist app marketers to maximise the impact of their Apple Search Ads, leading to higher conversions, improved ROI, and enhanced performance.

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