We’re thrilled to announce the launch of Astra Experiments phase 2, which brings even more sophistication and flexibility to campaign testing in Apple Search Ads.

In late 2023, we introduced Astra Experiments, phase one: sequential testing. This allows the user to easily set up default and test campaigns in Apple Search Ads, automatically deploying one straight after the other, with comparable results available at the end of the experiment period. You can read more about that here.

In this blog, we explore the exciting new features that phase two introduces, taking Apple Search Ads campaign experimentation to a whole new level by introducing Regional Experiments and Rapid Fire Experiments

New: Regional Experiments Explained

This new Experiments process delivers regional targeting precision to Apple Search Ads campaign testing. Now, as part of the test strategy, marketers can concurrently test in separate comparable regions at either the country or state level. This granular approach allows advertisers to tailor their experiments to specific geographic nuances, ensuring more relevant and effective results.

Whether it's understanding the impact of cultural differences, local preferences, or seasonal variations, Regional Experiments empowers marketers to refine their strategies based on geographical insights. This level of specificity is a game-changer for optimising ad performance and maximising ROI.

How Astra Experiments Regional testing is phased:

Diagram of how Astra Experiments Regional testing is phased

New: Rapid-Fire Experiments Explained

The timing of campaign testing can be a crucial influencing factor in your strategic decision-making. If you're testing across periods that may be influenced by seasonality or events external to the App Store, the ability to deliver robust insights during your key period is vital. We recognise that pure sequential A/B testing falls short when it comes to capturing the dynamic nature of user behaviour over time-bound events or seasons.

To overcome this, we've introduced Rapid Fire Experiments - this is advanced temporal testing, deployed in rapid A/B sequences across a defined period of time. This rapid-rotation approach allows marketers to quickly deliver statistically comparable data for both A and B campaigns, and neutralises the impact of fluctuations in consumer behaviour across your key period.

How Astra Experiments Rapid Fire testing is phased:

Diagram of how Astra Experiments Rapid Fire testing is phased

Enhanced Analytics and Insights:

Screenshot of the results graph of an Astra Experiments A/B test

Astra Experiments phase two doesn't just stop at providing advanced experimentation capabilities, it also comes equipped with enhanced analytics and insights tools. Marketers can delve deeper into the performance metrics of their campaign experiments, gaining a comprehensive understanding of how changes both inside and outside the App Store, impact user behaviour over time and across different regions.

Astra’s detailed analytics dashboard offers enhanced data visualisation of short and long-term strategies, making it easier for marketers to make informed decisions.


As the digital landscape becomes more competitive, marketers need tools that not only keep up but set the pace. Phase two of Astra Experiments is a testament to the Redbox commitment to provide cutting-edge solutions for app growth marketing using Apple Search Ads.

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