Maximising your ‘high-season’ on the App Store: tips for success

In the fast-paced world of mobile apps, the App Store stands as a dynamic marketplace where millions of apps compete for attention. However, one factor that often plays a pivotal role in an app's success is seasonality. Just as seasons affect nature, they also have a significant impact on user behaviour and app performance in the digital realm.

Cracking the code of seasonal A/B testing

Staying on top of how outside influences and ‘high-seasonality’ can affect your ASO performance needs constant attention. Here, our ASO experts deliver the 101 of best-practice testing.

Creative Optimisation Growth Tips for Gaming Apps

For gaming apps, growth is challenging and customer churn is a fact of life. But there are other ways to achieve user cut-through on the app marketplaces; thinking creatively about user engagement can help gaming apps to scale.

New, pioneering features are live on Astra, for more effective Apple Search Ads management

This week, three new Astra features are up and running for Apple Search Ads campaign managers: Scheduled Changes, Return on Advertising Spend (ROAS) Optimisation and Experiments Beta.

Event blog: Acquisition to Advocate: Growing the most valuable app users.

This valuable panel event brought together industry leaders from Monzo, So Syncd and Domino's to discuss their best practice tactics and real life examples of taking app users from acquisition to advocate.

Guest blog from Thomas Petit: High Hopes - expectations of scaling in Apple Search Ads

As a follow-up to his AdBites vodcast, Thomas Petit summarises his best-practice tips for scaling with Apple Search Ads.

Panel event review: Growth and Loyalty via the eCommerce App

In late April, brands from the world of eComm app marketing braved the rain to watch a panel discussion with three eCommerce big-hitters: Stuart Jones (Domino’s), Jessica Llarena (Decathlon) and Justin Reid (Tripadvisor). Read the highlights!

Redbox adds ChatGPT keyword discovery to Apple Search Ads CMP.

We’ve added ChatGPT capabilities to our Apple Search Ads CMP, Astra, to enhance keyword discovery, to expand the pool of potential keywords that Astra is able to generate for its Apple Search Ads clients.

Key insights from the AdBites ASO Keyword Power session, with Simon Thillay.

On 9 March 2023, Simon Thillay, Head of ASO at AppTweak, participated in the AdBites webinar series by Redbox Mobile about Apple Search Ads. The session titled “​​Keyword Power: Harnessing ASO Insights to Fuel Apple Search Ads Success” saw AdBites host Samuel Chorlton, CTO of Redbox Mobile, in talk with Simon.

Redbox Adds Share of Voice to the Apple Search Ads CMP, Astra

Our Apple Search Ads campaign management platform Astra, now features share of voice (SoV) reporting at a keyword level and supports all 4 Apple Search Ads placements.

Apple Search Ads targeting unwrapped

New to Apple Search Ads? Struggling to hone your targeting? Here's an insightful read about how the right target keywords can help you to reach the most relevant users, regardless of who or where they are!

Apple Search Ads: let's get started!

Thinking about using Apple Search Ads for the first time, but not sure where to start? Don't worry - we've got you. Our team of Apple Search Ads consultants have outlined below some points to consider; we'll follow this up with more detailed content, so stay posted!

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