Introducing Redbox Mobile's 'Astra Experiments': Elevating Your Apple Search Ads Campaign testing.

In the fast-paced world of mobile advertising, staying ahead of the competition can be a real challenge. With so many factors at play, it's crucial to find the perfect formula for success. Enter Redbox Mobile's latest innovation for our Apple Search Ads platform: Astra Experiments.

A/B Testing Reimagined

Creating an Astra Experiment is much like running an A/B test, a familiar concept to marketers and advertisers. In traditional A/B testing, you compare the performance of two variations of your ad campaign to determine which one delivers better results. However, when it comes to Apple Search Ads, running two campaigns with near-identical settings simultaneously can often lead to less-than-ideal outcomes. Why? Because you end up competing against yourself for ad impacts in the keyword auction.

Redbox Mobile's Astra Experiments offer a ground-breaking solution to this challenge. Instead of running parallel campaigns, Astra Experiments run sequentially, ensuring you avoid competing with yourself and optimising the performance of your ad campaigns.

Diagram that explains sequential testing phases

Astra Experiments unlocks powerful insights

Astra Experiments provide advertisers with the ability to make data-driven decisions that lead to improved Apple Search Ads campaign performance, without risk of compromising share of voice. With Astra Experiments, you can iterate, test, and refine your ad campaigns, ensuring that you're always getting the best possible results. Say goodbye to the limitations of parallel A/B testing and embrace a new era of optimisation with our cutting-edge solution.

The process of setting up an Astra Experiment is straightforward. Let's break it down:

  1. Configure Your Control Campaign The first step is to configure your control campaign – in Astra we call this the ‘A State’. The configuration process allows you to choose your ad format, custom product page set (if required), keywords, region, timeframe, and budget. Astra’s fast campaign set up means this takes just a couple of minutes to create a campaign that reflects your typical campaign set-up.
  2. Define Your Experiment In Astra, this is the ‘B State’ campaign, for which you simply need to specify the configuration differences between your A and B state campaigns, such as adjustments to keywords, bid amounts, ad copy, or any other variables that might impact the campaign's performance. Astra allows you to fine-tune your test campaign to target the specific parameters you wish to test the performance of.

Astra Experiments allow you to test all Apple Search Ads ad placements, and if your App Store Connect has approved custom product pages, you can test Today tab ads and search result ads with ad variations with custom product pages.

What next for Astra Experiments?

The innovation doesn't stop there. Astra is set to roll out its second phase later this year, adding support for Geospatial A/B testing alongside Temporal based A/B testing. This exciting development will provide the ability to understand the influencing factors within your experiment whilst dampening out the effects of external events.

The innovation doesn't stop there. Astra is set to roll out its second and third phases later this year:

  1. Concurrent Geospatial A/B testing - allowing you to test your campaigns across two comparable storefronts or states.
  2. Temporal sequential A/B testing - providing the ability to quickly understand the influencing factors within your experiment via continual short-burst sequential testing, whilst dampening out the effects of external events.

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