Apple Search Ads targeting unwrapped

New to Apple Search Ads? Struggling to hone your targeting? Here's an insightful read about how the right target keywords can help you to reach the most relevant users, regardless of who or where they are!

Apple Search Ads: let's get started!

Thinking about using Apple Search Ads for the first time, but not sure where to start? Don't worry - we've got you. Our team of Apple Search Ads consultants have outlined below some points to consider; we'll follow this up with more detailed content, so stay posted!

Redbox lifts the lid on best-practice Apple Search Ads with new video podcast, AdBites.

Every month AdBites delivers a one-to-one discussion with a leading industry expert, to bring you insights that help grow value from your Apple Search Ads investments.

Subscription App Futures: A panel discussion and networking dinner

Recently Redbox Mobile, Purchasely and AppsFlyer hosted a dinner at the very festive Fortnum & Mason; we invited clients from the subscription app world to hear a panel discussion about the anticipated challenges and prospects for 2023.

Redbox Mobile Adds New Key Features and Ad Placements to Apple Search Ads Platform, Astra.

Redbox Mobile, Apple Search Ads Partner and award-winning app store performance specialist, has added some significant new features to its innovative Apple Search Ads campaign management platform, Astra.

Happy Holidays on the App Store!

Katrina Lee, Senior Designer at Redbox, shares her thoughts about how seasonal updates to App Store creative can improve your ASO relevancy and UA.

Promoting Gaming Apps in Apple Search Ads

Redbox Account Manager Jemima Wildi shares her thoughts and knowledge about successfully managing Apple Search Ads campaigns for gaming apps.

A guide to winning the app store metadata game

Our ASO expert Diya outlines how to structure your metadata in the Google Play Store and the App Store, to improve your app's organic ranking performance!

A guide to choosing App Store keywords for ASO targeting and reporting

Keyword research for App Store Optimisation (ASO) will reveal the terms, phrases, questions, and answers that are most used by potential customers, when searching for your type of app. Get your keywords right and you’ll drive better optimisation performance for page views, capture leads and achieve downloads.

Astra – the new Apple Search Ads solution with more in the box

CTO Samuel Chorlton explains how Astra's advanced machine-learning capabilities have revolutionised the efficiency and performance of Apple Search Ads management.

A couple of Apple developments for App Store marketers

For Search Ads Advanced customers, Apple have just introduced a way to manage daily campaign spend – a feature that was not previously available via Apple’s proprietary platform.

Postcard From Las Vegas…

This week the Redbox team have been in Las Vegas at the MAU (Mobile Apps Unlocked) event - a huge convention of exhibitors and speakers, all coming together to discuss, promote, demo and sell their many and varied app marketing solutions.

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