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We’ve added ChatGPT capabilities to our Apple Search Ads CMP, Astra, to enhance keyword discovery. We’re constantly trying to drive innovation in this space and this move is an easy win for expanding the pool of potential keywords that Astra is able to generate for its Apple Search Ads clients.

We asked our CTO Samuel Chorlton to tell us more…

What’s the big deal about using an AI assistant for keyword generation?

In Astra, we’ve integrated ChatGPT to work alongside the platform’s own keyword generation functions, so we’ve got a solution that is both highly responsive and mindful of emergent trends.

How does the ChatGPT determine that the discovered keywords are suitable for my app campaign?

This is down to how Astra phrases the question to ChatGPT, how its model has been created and the wealth of tagged data that its natural language processing engine has been exposed to. When we ask it for keyword recommendations for a specific app, it will trawl its entire knowledge base to provide the most relevant keywords.

Won’t ChatGPT keyword generator just spend my budget faster?

No, because Astra has built-in limiters to prevent the discovery process from over-utilising your budget.

How do I make sure that ChatGPT isn’t choosing keywords that have negative connotations?

The manner in which Astra asks the question, and the processes attached to how ChatGPT finds keywords minimises the chances of undesirable results.

Are there any concerns with this technology?

Not really, since we’re only using it for keyword discovery, there’s no fact-checking involved. There’s no downside really – AI simply increases your chances of discovering fruitful keywords via Astra.

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