Redbox Adds Share of Voice to the Apple Search Ads CMP, Astra

We’re pleased to announce that our Apple Search Ads campaign management platform Astra, features share of voice (SoV) reporting at a keyword level.

Commenting on the latest feature release, Redbox CEO James Salins said. “We are really excited to bring keyword share of voice to Astra – our development team has been quick to implement the new feature, enabling us to make it available to clients via the Astra campaign insights dashboard.”

An extract of the Astra dashboard that shows a graph depicting lines that show the share of impressions, the ranking and the search popularity of a keyword.

Since launch in August 2022, Astra has revolutionised Apple Search Ads campaign management through its advanced machine learning algorithm that delivers competitive bid performance and automation.

Samuel Chorlton, CTO of Redbox added: “App managers using Astra have reported to us a +20% improvement in campaign performance and +30% improvement in time efficiency, compared to other platforms. That tells me that the Redbox team are continuing to evolve a best-in-market CMP for Apple Search Ads.”

Contact us today for a more intelligent Apple Search Ads experience with Astra.

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