In-App + Custom Product Pages : A growth combo for Social Casino Apps:

The Game-Changing Strategy Every Social Casino App Needs

In the fast-paced world of mobile gaming, social casino apps are a hotspot of activity. But as any developer and marketer in this space knows, the challenge isn’t just creating an engaging app, it’s getting it into the hands of engaged players. That's where in-app programmatic campaigns and App Store custom product pages come into play, transforming your conversion rates.

How is in-app delivered and why should you care?

In-app programmatic ads are delivered via a demand-side platform (DSP) - an automated media buying platform that connects social casino apps like yours to a vast pool of potential users through real-time bidding on display, video, mobile and search ad inventory from a wide range of publishers. The hook? It’s all delivered instantly (programmatically), which means it’s faster, more precise, and incredibly efficient.

Why create custom product pages for in-app campaigns?

The availability of detailed audience profiling that’s at your disposal with in-app means that you have the opportunity to tailor different ads to different user groups; therefore, why wouldn’t you do the same with your App Store product pages?

We know that creating custom product pages specifically for user-types, to promote app features, test offers or to match performant keywords (“slots”, “roulette” etc.) has the power to increase conversion rate by +25%.  Therefore, we recommend that your targeted in-app campaigns are paired with appropriate custom product pages, to increase conversion performance.

Testing and Optimising for Perfection

Each app is permitted up to 35 different custom product pages on the App Store, which provides ample opportunity to test and optimise. Remember too - the audience engagement insights you glean from the DSP can be used to make informed decisions about custom product page content and keywords on the App Store.

Optimise towards ROI by analysing attribution data from your campaigns and product pages, to ensure a continuous cycle of improvements as your messaging becomes more effective over time, ensuring your marketing budget is always put to its best use.

Do you know what the real jackpot is? - Increased ROI

By combining the dynamic targeting capabilities of in-app programmatic with the engaging appeal of custom product pages, you’re not just playing the game, you’re winning it! This strategy leads to higher conversion rates, more efficient user acquisition, and ultimately, a better return on investment. Users feel understood and valued, and they respond by engaging more deeply with your social casino app.

Let's see how our team achieves this for you?

Social Casino CPP Flow

More about in-app programmatic

Targeting that hits the jackpot

The programmatic platform isn’t just throwing ads out into the void and hoping for the best, it’s leveraging advanced algorithms that analyse user behaviour, preferences, and engagement across millions of potential in-app touchpoints. This isn't just any audience; it’s “your” casino audience, finely tuned and ready to download and play.

Optimization that keeps the slot wheels spinning

Once your ads are deployed, the platform harnesses user-feedback in real time to continually optimise your campaign targeting, learning which ad creative drives the most instals and which message resonates best with your target and even the best times of day to catch the users who are ready to hit the slots. The data learnings from the platform can further be used to refine your custom product page conversion strategy on the App Store.

Scale campaigns globally, without breaking the bank

The beauty of using a programmatic platform for in-app campaigns lies in the scalability it has to offer. Whether you're looking to break into new geographical markets or deepen your reach in existing ones, the platform can handle the heavy lifting and does so cost-efficiently.  The platform’s data-driven automated deployment means you can avoid over-egging the ad frequency and avoid targeting people who are already using your app. This efficiency translates into lower costs per acquisition, higher ROI, and more budget left over for other areas of development.

Ready to roll the dice?

If you’re ready to take your social casino app to the next level, ask us how we’ll create an integrated in-app programmatic and custom product page strategy for you that’s focused on testing, learning and optimising your ad investments for ROI.

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