Blackbox, The Machine Learning based Search Ads Tool

So you've developed an App and are ready to go to market. What next?

Hopefully you've invested some time into App Store Optimisation, this will aid your next step.

Paid search comes in many forms, at Blackbox we concentrate on Apple Search Ads right now, with more coming. Apple Search Ads Is the ability to advertise your App at the top of the app store, for selected keywords. It gives everybody a chance to reach the crucial number 1 position.

Blackbox superchargers Apple Search Ads to ensure you get the cheapest cost and the highest downloads for your budget. It is a machine learning based, sleek, easy to use and feature full platform. We are even offering $100 free media spend to every new app that comes on the platform! This allows you to fully test out all the features yourself, before committing any of your own budget.

Of course, you can set up a campaign yourself on Apple Search Ads directly, using the Advanced version, or Basic if you are based in the U.S. Neither has the feature set and A.I that Blackbox does, so unless you are able to employ an army of experts to make 500,000 tweaks and changes every day, Blackbox will save you a serious amount of time, whilst ensuring your campaign runs at maximum efficiency!

How do I get started? Simple! We have created a video on the Blackbox homepage that shows you everything you need to know. Or Follow the steps below to be live in minutes:

  1. Go to
  2. Select your app store territory and app
  3. Click “lets get started”
  4. Sign up with Google or your email & confirm your email address
  5. The campaign will now build for you, pulling in keywords from your metadata, category and competitors.
  6. Select any keywords you wish to boost
  7. Select your CPA Goals and budget
  8. You're ready to go live! Make sure to check back regularly to see your results

The Blackbox team are on hand to assist you with campaign setup queries and to make optimisation suggestions. To get in touch, email

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