5 ASO Myths you need to understand!

5 ASO Myths you need to understand!

App Store Optimisation, or ASO, is still a grey area for a lot of app developers and owners. There are lots of people out there who simply think that if you build a great app, and then it will be hugely successful. But this could not be further than the truth. At Redbox Mobile plc, we want to help you cut through the smoke of App Marketing. ASO is crucial to an app's success, but for every great tip there is also a myth, which could seriously damage your rankings. Below, we discuss the top 5 myths within the world of App Store Optimisation.

Myth #1 You should stuff keywords in your title

Keyword stuffing is a technique used by people with little ASO knowledge that will often end up with your app being penalised by the App Stores. Not only this, but often stuffing keywords ends up with an app title that makes little to no sense to the consumer. And if the title does not make sense, then why would they believe the app to make sense?

Myth #2 Descriptions are not important

Often people do not utilise their 4000 characters for an app description, opting to do a small, quickly written description with no thought. Whilst it is true that most consumers will not read your full description, it is very important to utilise this space to seed keywords. The description is part of the app listing that is reviewed by the operating systems, IOS and Android, to determine what your app is about and what you are trying to be found for. As an example, a casino client would look to have the words roulette or blackjack written at least 4 times in this area, to show they are relevant to the search engines.

Myth #3 “I’ve built a great app, So people will naturally download it”

It is widely believed that if you build the worlds greatest app, That it will go viral and people will download it. This is simply not the case. You could build an app that is free and offers every user £1000, but if it cannot be found, it will never be downloaded. That's why ASO is so important. ASO allows you to be found by the right users. If your app lacks ASO, then it will be lost in the sea of over 2 million (Apple)/6 million (Android) apps. Having a great functioning App with great ratings and reviews will show a good experience and help your rankings, but it does not replace the need for App Store Optimisation.

Myth #4 Screenshots do not matter

Although your screenshots do not impact whether your app will be found, they have a massive impact on your conversion rating. ASO is not just about being found, but also converting those users to a download and loyal user. That’s where your screenshots come in. Do not under estimate the power of them. Take for example a screenshot that is too busy, with lots of information displayed. The brain quickly switches off and the user loses interest. In comparison, a phone that spans two colourful screenshots, with a simple call to action on each, is easy to read and encourages a user to download the app.

Myth #5 “I’m doing paid search so do not need organic traffic”

Paid search and organic go hand in hand, with both aiding one another. If you have good Meta data that keeps you relevant in your category, it allows you to firstly buy a keyword, but also buy it at an efficient cost. When you are relevant for a keyword, the app store will favour you at a reduced price point, as you are viewed as an app that the user is searching for. On the flip side, your paid search strategy will help you to acquire more downloads, so you gather more download history for that keyword and thus become more relevant organically.

We often advise clients, if they are having difficulties buying keywords in a particular space, that their organic strategy may need revisiting. Once this is addressed, we often see a huge boost in search ads activity, with more impressions, downloads and a more efficient advertising cost. If you are interested in automating your Apple Search Ads campaigns and would like to hear more about our machine-learning platform 'Blackbox', email admin@blackbox-platform.com. Blackbox optimises keywords every 10 minutes and makes 500,000 decisions a day so you don't have to. We save our clients time and money by running efficient campaigns, helping them get discovered in the App Store. Alternatively, call a member of the Redbox Mobile team on 01488 682442 to discuss your ASO strategy.

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