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How and When to React to High CPAs in Apple Search Ads

The Average Cost-Per-Acquisition (CPA) is, arguably, the most important Key Performance Indicator (KPI) available to view on the Search Ads platform. CPAs can be very revealing of campaign performance and high CPAs are often reflective of inefficient campaigns.

The Good, The Bad & The Ugly of Search Match

Apple propose that the Search Match functionality is the default feature that makes it easy to get your ads up and running in just a few minutes. Search Match automatically matches your ad to search terms that Apple deem relevant to your app. Apple uses metadata from the App Store listing, information about similar apps in the same genre and other search data, to determine the relevancy of user searches; meaning that, in theory, your ad will show for appropriate search terms without the need to input an extensive keyword list.

Apple Search Ads have launched

Since its anticipated announcement back in June at WWDC, Apple Search Ads has finally been launched. App developers and app marketers who have signed up and set their ad campaigns will now see them inside the US App Store.

Search Ads Update - Optimization is key!

Apple has now released information regarding the new Search Ads feature for iOS 10.

Search Ads - Analyze, Strategize, Optimize

In our previous blog we spoke about the exciting new Search Ads feature available in iOS 10 and how the optimization of your metadata will be a key factor affecting how well your ad performs.

Search Ads

If you haven't already heard, Search Ads will be one of the latest features in the most recent iOS update and will allow you to pay for ads to appear on top of search results in the app store.

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