Search Ads Update - Optimization is key!

Apple has now released information regarding the new Search Ads feature for iOS 10.

The number one thing we have learnt about Search Ads is that App Store optimization is a key factor and any ad in the new Search Ads function will only be shown based on relevancy.

Currently 65% of iOS app downloads come from direct searches

To determine the relevancy of your app ad, Search Ads will reference your metadata, so that’s your title, keywords, main description and what’s new description. This is your prime focus for relevancy; it is therefore vital that you have these optimized. This will not only benefit your paid search but go hand in hand with your organic ASO search.

This will be one of the most challenging parts of Search Ads to get right and the most important, as no matter how much money you spend, your ad won’t be shown in the searches you want unless Apple deem it relevant. That’s why we are here to help with a full ASO strategy for your apps.

The good news is we predicted metadata was likely to be the key factor in determining your relevancy, which is why we have been constantly working to improve our knowledge and carry out tests to determine the effectiveness of metadata.

Another point to consider is your ad may or may not be shown with screenshots this will be optimized to what Apple learn is best for that search query and user. So it is hugely important that you spend time on creating the best possible screenshots and icons. It will also be specifically user based so if a single user chooses to click on the ad without the screenshot they will solely be shown all ads in this way. Optimizing your screenshots can be time consuming and we can help increase conversions and support with A/B testing them.

As we already knew the pricing for Search Ads is on a Cost Per Tap model. You choose the maximum price you are willing to pay for a user to click on your ad and only pay up to that amount. But the cost of the tap is determined on a second price auction, meaning that what you pay is based on what your nearest competitor is willing to pay. Although this is a positive and means you will not pay anymore than the amount you have set as your budget, you can never be sure that what you competitors are bidding is truthfully the amount they have bid.

If this has got you excited about the new Search Ads feature, our next blog will give you an insight into all you need to know about the new campaign monitoring and reporting user interface, allowing you to fully understand visibly inside the app store.

We have achieved great results from optimizing apps to be seen in the top 10 of relevant search results and we can do the same with your app ads in Search Ads.

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