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How Targeting Returning Users Improves your Overall App Store Performance

How we improved the client’s overall performance in the App Store by running objective activity targeting returning users; we achieved a lower CPI, higher SOV and improved Day 7 ROAS

The Rise of The Subscription Economy 2.0

For anyone looking for reliable and efficient techniques to scale their app, our webinars provide essential guidance from people with voices of real-world experience.

Organic and Paid App Marketing. Why do both?

Paid and Organic user acquisition have a holistic relationship in which the success of one affects the success of the other and vice versa. By increasing your paid activity, for example, Apple Search Ads (ASA) or Google UAC, you will increase the volume of organic installs for your app.

Managing Apple Search Ads Campaigns - The Redbox Platform

Managing advertising campaigns that are successful and cost-effective has long challenged organisations, especially with the continual emergence of new advertising outlets. One of the core advertising platforms in the technology space is Apple Search Ads.

Apple Search Tab Ads - A New First-Mover Opportunity

We get under the skin of Apple's new ad format to give you the decision-making facts.

Is Apple Search Ads the New Gold?

In times of uncertainty, the finance world flock to the old trusted stalwart - gold. Over the last 18 months the price of gold has hit an all-time high.

Time to Check Out Our Keyword Tab

Apple Search Ads is not only an effective way to promote your app in the iOS App Store but also a tool that gives direct insight into the searches that lead users to download your app.

Apple Update: Increased Earnings for Small Developers

This month has been relatively quiet on the Apple news front – apart from those shiny new M1 Macs. We just wanted to share a couple of new developments around App Store Connect.

Events, Events and More Events: A Dynamic Display of your Apple Search Ads Campaign

Long gone are the days where Apple Search Ads campaigns were merely optimised to generate more downloads. It's far more commonplace to optimise your campaigns towards a Key Performance Indicator (KPI) event or a Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) target. But it can be time consuming to calculate whether your campaign is performing on target – or better! – when the data you need is often in two different places. So, we have built a visual display of both data sets, matched together. Want to see? Read on…

What is Causing my Apple Search Ads Avg. CPA to Increase?

Has the Average Cost Per Acquisition (Avg. CPA) of your Apple Search Ads campaign started to increase and you don't know why? Increases in the Avg. CPA can be the result of a decreasing Conversion Rate, increasing Average Cost Per Tap or both. Carry on reading to find out what you can do to control an increasing Avg. CPA.

Limit Ad Tracking: A Limiter on your Advertising?

Heard of Limit Ad Tracking (LAT) before but you're not quite sure what it is or why it's important to consider when optimising Apple Search Ads campaigns? Well, read on to find out more.

Our Shiny New Platform: A Guide

We have been keeping our developers busy over the last few months by tasking them with the redesign of our platform. As part of the upgrade, we have rejigged the layout to produce - in our opinion! - a site that is easier to navigate. But fear not, we haven’t simply repackaged the existing site; our developers have been working round the clock to make loading times faster and reports more detailed.

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