iOS 10

Monday 13th June 2016 will see the unveiling of Apple's next mobile operating system, iOS 10, at the annual WWDC conference.

iOS 10 is expected to offer exciting new capabilities and design, and although exactly where Apple will take this new operating system is still a mystery we've got some tantalising details about the latest update.

So, what can we expect to see from Apple’s 10th iteration of iOS?

Search Ads

The introduction of Search Ads will give you the opportunity to promote your app at the top of relevant searches and let users download your app with a single click.

By letting Apple know which app you would like to promote they will then create an ad based on this and match it to relevant searches. If you want more control over your ads Search Ads offers keyword selection, audience targeting and API’s for campaign creation, management and reporting.

Subscription Enhancements

As you may be aware, the growth in iPhone and iPad sales have slowed, as both have approached their global saturation point. This means, where you could once rely on the flood of new users to entice you to update and improve your software, you are now lacking that incentive.

With the new auto-renewable subscription enhancements set for iOS 10, Apple have seemingly solved this problem as it offers an answer to; how do you compensate and incentivise developers to keep supporting and improving their apps?

This new enhancement aims to convert iOS users from one-off app purchasers into loyal subscribers.

Siri SDK

This will allow you to be able to integrate Siri into your apps, allowing Siri to access data and perform tasks within apps. Third-party app access has the potential to push the amount of things Apple users can do, for example booking a taxi through Uber without having to actually open the app. This could put Siri on par with more robust solutions like Google Now.

Some of the other features, which will predominantly benefit users, include the Apple home kit being made into a stand-a-lone app, peer-to-peer Apply Pay payments and a re-design of Apple Music.

The new iOS is also unlikely to be compatible with the iPhone 4s and iPad 2 as it is likely to require more than 512mb of RAM

This is far from the last word on the iOS 10 update. Once iOS 10 has been released Apple still has another 3 months to finalise everything, giving us more time to track down any further news.

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