iOS10 update - Beta 4

iOS10 update - Beta 4

Apple has once again staggered its iOS update release date among app developers, public beta testers and its final version.

iOS10 public beta2 launched last week, a great sign that the release date is right on track for September along with the launch of iPhone 7 and iPhone 7plus. It also comes just two days after the Beta 3 update, for developers.

The beta programme allows users to try out pre-release software. The feedback that is provided from this, on quality and usability, helps Apple identify issues, fix them, and make the software even better. If your business has an app and you didn’t sign up to the developer beta, now’s your chance to test out iOS10 with public beta.

If you read our previous blog post iOS10 Release, you would have seen we discussed Search Ads, Subscriptions and Siri. Since then beta 4 has become available for developers, and has seen many features tweaked, such as, Homekit Control panel, Apple Music and Messages. These improvements will massively help towards the overall usability of iOS10 therefore encouraging more users to download it at the full release in September.

If you have downloaded a beta version of iOS10, we recommend testing the new features such as Search Ads and SiriKit.

Search Ads will allow you to pay for ads to appear at the top of search results in the app store, meaning you can put the right app in front of the right users at the right time. To reach the right users via Search Ads, Apple will reference your metadata, that’s keywords, title and main description. It’s crucial to note, you must rank for the keywords you want, in order to use them. This is why we want to drive home the importance of getting your app optimized to benefit both paid search and organic ASO search. For a full insight into the new Search Ads feature see our previous posts Search Ads, Search Ads – Optimization is Key and Search Ads ASO.

SiriKit is a great new feature that is definitely worth testing, as for iOS10 it will be opened up to third-party apps. But it will only be open to six kinds of app, so if your app is one of the following, get testing.

Taxi Booking, Messaging, Photo search Payments VoIP Calling Workouts The SiriKit response APIs allow these apps to reply with custom, rich, UI. Users will be able to complete tasks via Siri without having to open an app.

iOS10 beta is the ideal opportunity to test out how well Sirikit works with an app and what changes could be made to the app, to improve its compatibility with Siri.

By integrating an app with many of the new features in iOS10, it is more likely to get noticed by Apple, combine this with a full App Store optimization strategy and it will improve the overall app ranking within the App Store.

If you want to the most out of iOS10s latest features, improve downloads and revenue, get optimized now.

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