Apple’s Out of This World Keynote

Apple’s Out of This World Keynote

Apple’s annual autumnal Keynote Event is always highly anticipated, but the expectation surrounding this year’s event was particularly heightened due to Apple suffering its largest intentional internal leak ever, just two days before the live stream.

At the Keynote Event, Apple took the opportunity to introduce the Apple Watch Series 3, watchOS4, Apple TV 4K, and, not one new iPhone but a trio of iPhones: iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X. Alongside the new, shiny and ultramodern-looking products, Apple also presented improved and developed Apple capabilities as well as new high-tech functionalities such as Portrait Mode Selfies and Portrait Lighting, FaceID and the ability of the A11 Bionic chip to provide a platform for augmented reality.

The Keynote briefly touched upon Apple’s new operating system and Apple has, finally, confirmed the launch date of iOS 11. App marketers and developers will be pleased to know that iOS 11 will be available from 19th September, which gives developers and marketers just under a week to get their app ready to take full advantage of the redesigned App Store.

Apple’s futuristic vision is clearly reflected in both the design and functionalities of the latest Apple products announced; and this movement mirrors the sentiments of Steve Jobs’s initial vision with the iPhone: for Apple to continually strive towards creating innovative products that look to the future, not the past. Apple is noticeably invested in designing products to wow and not just improve the ‘everyday standard’ of phones.

However, despite the out of this world augmented reality platform, ‘Animoji’ and the Space Grey finish, Apple’s newly announced product functionalities and designs are overshadowed by Apple’s astronomical price tags. The news coverage and social media reactions are dominated by Apple’s steep prices, and in particular, why Apple’s pricing is the same in pounds as it is in dollars.

In the following months, it will be interesting to see the effects of Apple’s costly prices and releasing three iPhones in relatively short intervals on the sales of each product and Apple’s following. At Redbox, we are most excited about the redesigned App Store and Apple’s ability to make space-age ideas into reality.

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