The Launch of Blackbox: The Innovative Game Changer in User Acquisition

The Launch of Blackbox: The Innovative Game Changer in User Acquisition

When Rory Mudie was a senior executive at Vodafone, he spotted a trend in App promotion and noticed how App Store search was failing; it was then, he decided he would create the most used app promotion tool in the world.

“Google and Apple are continually updating the methods they use to identify and rank apps in their market. With an ever-changing industry developing at a rapid pace, we strive to bring new and innovative techniques to stay ahead of the game, keeping our customers ahead of their competitors” he explains.

Traditional Paid Search campaigns are time consuming and require extensive knowledge of the platforms and research of your app and app genre just for the initial set-up.

The Blackbox Platform takes away the time-consuming elements of the campaign and allows you to set-up a campaign with just a few clicks. No knowledge of the Search Ads platform is required. The platform does all the work for you; keyword research is not needed! With Blackbox you can choose your budget and make extra refinements if required. The BlackBox Platform’s innovative way of conducting a Paid Search campaign is the first of its kind.

The Redbox team are big fans of first. Rory explains, “We were first to market with paid search in the US, and the UK, Australia and New Zealand have just gone live. We hope to be the first with a platform that does what we do automatically this quarter.”

“Our innovation comes from removing unnecessary steps and making things happen faster. It takes us two seconds to get an ad live globally in every iOS app store in the world. It’s powerful. If you want to be first in the App Store for any word, we can do it. I’m so inspired by my company, our prospects and our client performance, and most of all, being first with happy clients.”

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