Astra, our award-winning user acquisition solution has redefined the Apple Search Ads campaign management landscape by harnessing the power of automation, in a world that’s predominantly rules-based.

Rules-based systems operate within rigid, predefined parameters; in a departure from this, Astra leverages machine learning algorithms to adapt and optimise your investments continuously. This dynamic capability ensures that campaigns remain agile and responsive to the ever-evolving nuances of App Store users and the wider mobile advertising ecosystem, resulting in time and cost efficiency improvements.

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The benefits of opting for an automated solution like Astra are manifold. Firstly, it significantly reduces the manual workload associated with campaign management - by as much as 30%. In fact, Astra was created hand-in-hand with our Agency team - they needed to automate time-consuming manual processes, and other Apple Search Ads solutions were not providing that.

By automating routine tasks such as bid adjustments, and budget allocation, advertisers and agency teams can focus on strategic decision-making and creative roadmaps, leading to enhanced campaign performance.

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Secondly, Astra's machine learning algorithms continuously analyse vast datasets at a depth and speed that humans operating a rules-based system, simply can’t. Astra continually identifies App Store patterns and trends, making data-driven optimisations with unprecedented speed and accuracy.

This results in improved targeting precision, higher conversion rates, and ultimately, a superior return on investment for advertisers.

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However, Astra goes beyond full reliance on automation; it introduces a unique blend of automated management and human control. The platform allows for manual overrides, providing advertisers with the flexibility to intervene and adjust based on their vertical expertise and market insights.

This harmonious integration of automation and manual intervention creates a synergy that combines the strengths of both worlds.

In conclusion, Redbox Mobile's Astra stands as a beacon in the realm of mobile ad tech. By choosing an automated solution over a rules-based product, advertisers unlock a new paradigm of efficiency, agility, and precision. Astra's innovative approach, blending automation with manual overrides, epitomises human and machine in harmony, empowering advertisers to navigate the complexities of mobile advertising with confidence and success.

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