New Features in the Redbox Toolbox? Yes please.

We've been busy recently; developing and testing new features that make it even easier to create, manage and review your App Store Optimisation (ASO) strategy. Yes, that's right, you can run a basic ASO strategy from start to end, without leaving the Redbox Toolbox app. Not to mention, it won't cost the Earth to use.

Image of Macbook, iPad and iPhone showcasing the Toolbox App

Upload Metadata Directly to App Store Connect

From our experience, new metadata is rarely written and edited within the App Store Connect interface but the pain with writing it elsewhere is that it ultimately has to end up in App Store Connect to get onto your app's Product Page. We knew that there had to be an easier way and we were right. Using the App Store Connect API, the metadata you've written in the Redbox Toolbox app can be uploaded to App Store Connect with a couple clicks and with a few more, you can submit an app update with your new metadata. So, when you've got a few minutes spare, waiting for the kettle to boil or for your train to arrive, you can make edits to your metadata and when you're ready, submit it to be approved on the App Store.

And this isn't just for apps already available in the App Store, you can use this feature when you're launching an app. To set this up, you'll need to link the Redbox Toolbox to your App Store Connect account and instructions for this can be found in the Settings of the Redbox Toolbox app.

Performance Metrics at a Glance with Widgets

Widget Image on iPhone

While there are many metrics that can be tracked to monitor the performance of your ASO strategy, usually there's a couple of standout metrics you want to keep a close eye on. With the Toolbox Widgets, you can configure mini summaries to your Home Screen, from Category Rankings to Top Charts to Keyword Rankings*. So, without even opening the Redbox Toolbox app, you can review your app's visibility in the App Store. These summaries can also be configured as Siri Shortcuts.

In addition to the performance summaries, The Favourites and the Storefront Switcher Widgets and Siri Shortcuts mean you can open the Toolbox app on your favourited app or use its tools without even opening the app.

See and Track Keyword Rankings

A big part of ASO is picking the searches you would like your app to rank highly for and then adding these keywords to your metadata. But it doesn't stop there; when you've updated your metadata, you want to know if you do now rank highly for these searches. In other words, is your ASO strategy working? The Toolbox Advanced Subscription is an affordable way to track your keyword rankings.

For £7.99 / $7.99 a month or £79.99 / $79.99 a year, you can get the daily rankings of up to 300 keywords and track their performance over time with historical data saved for a year. And not just for your app; see how you compare against your competitors and the apps that are ranking in the top 50 for each keyword.

Toolbox Keyword functionality displayed on an iPad and iPhone

What do you get with Toolbox Advanced?

Gaining access to the Keyword Rankings feature isn't the only benefit you get with Toolbox Advanced:

  • You're not limited to one App Store Connect Upload a month, you get unlimited
  • You can track more than 10 favourite apps
  • You can add up to 10 competitors for each app – that's seven more than on the free tier
  • You can use the Keyword Rankings Widgets and Siri Shortcuts
  • All this, across all your iOS and macOS devices with just one subscription!

Search 'Redbox Toolbox' in the iOS and macOS App Stores to download the app or click here to go straight to its Product Page!

*Keyword Rankings Widgets require a Toolbox Advanced Subscription

If you have any questions about the Redbox Toolbox or would like a free demonstration, Please contact us today!

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