A Quick Guide to ASO (App Store Optimisation)

More than 5 million apps are available to download from the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store, which makes it a very competitive marketplace. However, the principle objective of intelligent search optimisation is to improve the organic visibility of your app specifically to improve your download conversion rate, improve registrations and consumer spend.

This goal is achieved through three main components:

  • Keyword Research & Meta Data Enhancements
  • Screenshot Upgrades
  • Regular Testing
Apple App Store Listing Elements

Keyword Research

Your ASO audit is a vital element of your optimisation strategy! Researching and identifying the high value key words that will improve your app's visibility is at the heart of what drives installs.  Once this research is complete, you'll use the results within you app's metadata fields, title, description, subtitle and keyword string.  Without undertaking this vital homework, you'll never be able to raise the game for your app and grow your business – no matter the current size of your app.

Using AS to Boost Discoverability


Never underestimate the power of a compelling creative.  Keeping your app's screenshots up to date will help you to create a strong first impression. Screenshots should reflect the strength of your brand, the main features of your offering and convey ease of use – oh, and don't forget to build in strong call to actions.

Regular Testing

There are many different testing methods across the iOS App Store and Google Play Store. The most popular is the A/B testing offered by Google, which allows a developer to split traffic to different variations of the app store listing. By regularly testing different screenshots and copy, developers can begin to understand the magic combinations that drive more downloads and subsequently improving revenue.

Let Redbox Do The Heavy Lifting

The Redbox ASO solution ticks all these boxes in a different and effective way. Our team of ASO award-winning experts utilise your paid search data and market research to deliver an extensive ASO audit and strategy suitable for the life-stage of your app. Our creative team will make screenshot recommendations and can even undertake the work on your behalf. Once implemented, the strategy will deliver an improvement in app store search visibility, an uplift in conversions and installs of your app.

What We Do For Our Clients

We optimise our clients App Store Listing to Improve their Organic Search Visibility, their conversion rate with the intention of driving increased visibility, more app downloads and retained in app users.

Our approach is different, our team of experts utilise your paid search Data and Market Research to deliver you an extensive ASO strategy and recommendations which results in an improvement in search visibility in the app store and uplift in conversions to drive you increased traffic to your app store and installs to your app.

Our ASO Services

  • App Launch Strategy: Let our team of experts set you up in the best position to launch your app, maximise visibility in the app store and convert new users
  • App Store Visibility: We improve your apps visibility by a Keyword optimisation strategy that helps your app target relevant and important keywords and improve rankings which helps to increase traffic downloads to your app
  • Conversion Rate Optimisation: We utilise A/B Testing in the Google Play Store using Store Listing Experiments & Improve your Conversion in the APP Store through A/B Testing with Search Ads creative sets, a strategy utilising a testing strategy across Paid and Organic channels
  • Creative Services: Read More on our Creative Services Page: Screenshots, app icons, feature graphics
  • App Store and Google Play:App preview videos for iOS and Android & Creative Assets for for paid user acquisition
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Redbox Mobile is an app performance company specialising in organic and paid search. Redbox is an Apple Search Ads Partner and the ASO company of the year 2020. If you'd like to know more, fill in our contact form.

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