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High performance creatives to boost conversion
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App screenshot design

Do you want to create a good first impression? Do you want to engage App Store browsers with eye-catching screenshots that trigger great conversion? At Redbox Mobile, our designers are experts at delivering screenshots that work for you.

Screenshots of the Dext app showning the the App StoreScreenshots of the I've Got A Text app showning the the App StoreScreenshots of the Times Radio app showning the the App StoreScreenshots of the ClearScore app showning the the App Store

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What is good screenshot design?

  1. Experience

    Do your screenshots deliver your app experience?

  2. Explain

    Do they fully explain your apps core features and benefits?

  3. Expectations

    Do your screenshots give very realistic impression of what a user can expect from your app?

App preview videos

Do you want the extra standout and even higher conversion to download for your app? A well-crafted App Preview will help your app cut through and tip an interested browser over the edge. We use high end graphics and audio alongside award winning ASO insight to help deliver results. Redbox Mobile creates video quickly and cost efficiently.

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A/B testing

A/B testing is crucial and often overlooked or underused by busy clients. Redbox ensure we A/B test for your optimal performance across all users and regions, providing detailed testing plans and suitable creatives. Do not underplay the importance of regular testing to ensure critical gains for your app, let Redbox do the hard work for you.

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Ad asset creation

Whether it be mobile search, social or other channels, we design creatives that work hard to hit your KPI's. Creative cut through will get the right users to notice and download your app. Having plentiful options and keeping your ads refreshed frequently will ensure your app install momentum doesn't slow.

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App launch package

When bringing a new app to market, it's vital that you get your fundamentals right. Redbox will design your App Icon, Screenshots and App Previews so you have the best chance of success in the App Stores. Your creatives will be in tune with your brand and be eye-catching and relevant to your vertical.

Redbox Mobile are experts in ASO and the app eco-system. Working with Redbox has positively impacted The Times and The Sunday Times apps. Logo of The Times

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