5 Key Actions to Take Once Your App Goes Live

5 Key Actions to Take Once Your App Goes Live

Your apps live in the app store, and slowly your starting to get a few downloads. But you crave more. 1 or 2 downloads a day isn’t going to set the world alight and you need more traffic. Below are 5 point you need to consider to once your app is out there. These will guide the success of your app and help you improve your traffic and downloads.

Implement attribution

Attribution is often overlooked, but is crucial in tracking your apps performance. You need to understand how much traffic your getting, how many downloads and any costs associated with this. Apps are there to serve a purpose, and if you’re not tracking its performance, then you can’t adjust your strategy to improve it.

Annalise your initial progress

When you first launch your app, its crucial to understand its performance. You must ensure you Annalise your progress to see how it is performing, and understand where changes are needed. You might need to adjust your title and description to get your app found within certain category’s. Or maybe you have noticed some issues within the app itself that needs addressing. Either way, it’s crucial to analyse and adjust in the early stages of launching your app.

Monitor your competitors

You should never get too caught up in what your competitors are doing, and should always concentrate your own progress. Saying that, it is always important to track what they are doing as it directly impacts your space. You need to understand any marketing activity they are doing, either in the app store or outside of it which maybe driving them traffic. By understanding what they are doing, you can combat the threats and improve your own performance.

Drive ratings and reviews

One thing that is often overlooked is ratings and reviews. These are heavily favoured by apple and google stores, and I cannot stress enough the value of a ratings and reviews strategy. You need to ensure that you are sending push notifications at crucial times to your app users, and encourage them to leave good ratings and reviews, whilst responding to any negative feedback from your users.

Plan quarterly refreshes

Constantly reviewing your app along with its performance is one of the most important tasks you need to do to ensure ongoing success within the app stores. It’s not a one-time fix, and needs to be constantly monitored and reviewed to ensure ongoing progress. Changing the title, keywords and meta data is vastly important, to keep up to date with the current store requirements along with seasonal changes. Making sure your app can be found at any given time is an ongoing progress, and it is highly recommended you review your app at least once per quarter.

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