When is Your App Ready For Paid Search?

It’s important to make sure your app is prepared for a paid search campaign, have the right areas been addressed and the outcomes identified to clarify if the campaign is working?

ASO: App Store Optimization is key when looking to launch a paid search campaign. Strong visuals, a clear title and detailed description are fundamentally what convert a user viewing your app store page to achieving a download.

Market Analysis: Analyzing your market is what allows you to identify the key areas you want to target. Understanding your competition and the keywords that are best suited to your app are what enable your campaigns to be successful. Launching a paid search campaign before any research has been conducted could cause negative implications.

Understand Costs v Benefits: Paid search very rarely achieves results overnight, campaigns often require a lot of learning and development before results can be sustained. Ensuring you have the budget to test strategies and the time to build a strong campaign will prevent wasting budget and time when trying to identify fast solutions to app discovery.

Identify KPI: What do you want to achieve from your paid search campaigns? How will you monitor your success and warrant new budgets for future paid search ventures? These are questions that need answering before you make any campaign live, without a level of success it’s very hard build on what you already have.

Once all of these areas have been considered you are ready to launch paid search marketing. Paid search can be difficult for a number of reasons, however is a great tool for increasing your apps visibility inside the app store and driving downloads.

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