The Rise of the Subscription Economy - Webinar

Let's Review the Topic and Dive into What Was Discussed!

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James Salins (CEO Redbox Mobile) recently hosted a successful and informative webinar in association with AppsFlyer to discuss the strategies and industry thinking surrounding the recent marked rise of subscriptions as a monetisation model. Many new and established apps are seeing the benefits of recurring revenue streams from subscribed users – those that they have invested time and energy to acquire in the first place.

Our industry leading panellists included James Quinn, Global Performance Marketing Leader at News UK, Hannah Parvaz, Head of Marketing at Uptime, Thomas Petit, Mobile App Business expert and Sylvain Gauchet, Growth and Mobile Marketing at Babbel US.

Over the course of an hour, they all offer a wide range of voices and thoughts on the rise of subscription.

Key topics covered by the panel included:

  • Customer Onboarding strategies to ensure consumers get strong value experience

Including, different techniques to achieve critical first step of customer acquisition. How to enable users to arrive at the ‘aha’ moment quickly, so they experience value up front and become a loyal user. Our panel discuss how to nurture those users, maintain their interest, and grow their relationship with your brand.

  • Effective monetisation strategies and subscription steps

Hear the panel discuss their agile paywall and pricing techniques in a test and learn environment. For example, where do you start with price testing, do you personalise / discriminate price - by geography, by usage type or some other criteria? Do you offer free content or not?

  • Acquisition and retention: what UA is working (web vs app UA), what CRM actions are working?

Are you mostly optimising for day zero trials? If not, what is a good event for subscriptions and just how can subscription apps maximise their opt-ins? We also discuss web acquisition, moving to the web brings several benefits (tracking, fee, etc...), what conditions or limitations can occur when acquiring on the web? What primary recommendations are there for a 100% mobile app starting with web UA?

Ultimately, retention is key: how do you keep subscribers engaged and avoid churn? Our panel consider all of this.

Plus, with Black Friday looming large and the festive season just around the corner, what growth opportunities does this time of year bring? Do people buy ‘gift subscriptions’ for friends and family during holiday season? With the turn of one year into another, do consumers really buy into ‘subscription apps’ as part of a ‘New Year Resolution’.

To watch the recording now, click the link below:

Click HERE to watch the Webinar - The Rise of The Subscription Economy

‘The Rise of the Subscription Economy’ is just one in a series of webinars we will be hosting in the future. Stay tuned for more updates and we’ll keep you posted on how to make your app the best it can be!

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