Redbox Mobile PLC brings iOS 10 to Mobile World Congress 2016 in Shanghai

Redbox Mobile PLC, the global leader in app ecosystems and ASO in the commercial and mobile markets, has announced that it will be demonstrating its next generation app store optimization strategies – ASO Plus - for delivering the best enhanced ASO to complement iOS 10, combining its newly announced Search Ads function with existing organic search optimization.

The outcome is the most cost effective optimized keyword search function in the App Store, maximizing paid and organic search directly linked to app download performance and firmly cementing Redbox Mobile as the pioneers in ASO Plus delivery.

The showcase, which will be held on June 29th – 1st July at Mobile World Congress in Shanghai, China Stand N2E26 highlights both the current and future enterprise benefits of bespoke ASO strategy, as app stores become more intelligent and consumers become more savvy.

Rory Mudie, CEO said:

"With the long-awaited announcement of Apple’s iOS10 Search Ads, Redbox Mobile has the opportunity to make significant breakthroughs in supercharging our clients’ brands, harnessing the power of organic ASO and amalgamating it with Search Ads to create a truly potent, hybrid optimization offering, what we are calling ASO Plus.

Having already anticipated Apple’s new delivery and having inaugurated additions to our proprietary platform, Blackbox, to accommodate the new algorithms we’ve perfectly positioned Redbox Mobile PLC to the lead the way in embracing the new feature and expediting the delivery of ASO Plus solutions.

ASO Plus allows brands and developers to optimize return on investment across all user-acquisition spend. We believe this could be a real game-changer for our industry."

Visitors to the stand can experience the showcase, as well as receive a demonstration of the Blackbox mobile platform via an app store optimization analysis of their own mobile apps.

Fraser Sim, Sales Director said**

“Our award-winning products take app store optimization to the next level. Our commitment to remaining at the forefront of app store search and consumer behaviour is reflected in our latest pioneering delivery, ASO Plus.”

About Redbox Mobile PLC:

  • Redbox Mobile PLC is a high-reputation, competent, well-regarded business established 4 years ago, with an enviable list of blue-chip, significant clients
  • Redbox operates globally and has real estate investments in UK, USA and India, with an expansion into China planned August 2016.

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