Redbox Mobile, Apple Search Ads Partner and award-winning app store performance specialist, has added some significant new features to its innovative Apple Search Ads campaign management platform, Astra.

Launched in July 2022, Astra is delivering a new generation of campaign management and performance to Apple Search Ads users, via an intuitive, dynamic dashboard that permits detailed campaign configuration and analysis.

The team of full-stack developers and data scientists at Redbox have upgraded the AdTech platform to support every Apple Search Ads format, including the two new placements of Product Page ad and Today tab ad, supported with custom product pages.

The Astra Campaign Configuration dashboard, showing the options for users to select which Apple Search Ad placement they wish to run a campaign on.

Regarding this development, CEO of Redbox Mobile, James Salins commented, “We are pleased to be releasing new features and updated support for the new ad formats on Astra, this coincides in a timely fashion with Redbox winning significant new clients in both the US and Europe.”

In addition to the integration of the new ad formats, Astra has received new campaign targeting configuration features, allowing users to plan periods by day and time, and to target activity by locale.

Astra’s dashboard now has even more detailed budget management reporting, with new features including clear visibility of daily spend estimates and reporting of remaining available budget in expired budget plans.

The Astra Campaign Reporting dashboard, showing the Compare Campaigns page; graph and tabled reporting.

To improve the analytical capabilities for our clients the reporting dashboard also allows users to easily compare performance metrics across multiple campaigns (via app/geo/etc.), a feature not previously available, but requested by multiple clients. This is essential in ensuring the success of complex multi app, multi geo Apple Search Ads use cases.

Commenting on the new features, Samuel Chorlton, Redbox CTO said: “We are constantly looking at how Astra can be enhanced and fine-tuned to deliver even greater campaign configuration and performance for our managed and self-service clients. Astra is our proprietary build, so we have both the skills and the flexibility to improve Astra’s UI, algorithm and back-end to meet client needs.”

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