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Launching 9th Feb 2023, AdBites is a 40-minute vodcast hosted by Redbox CTO, Samuel Chorlton, in which he discusses learnings and insights about Apple Search Ads with an industry figure.

AdBites kicks off the series with special guest Hannah Parvaz - multi award-winning app growth marketer and Founder of Aperture. Hannah joins Samuel to discuss the power of Apple Search Ads for subscription apps.

About the new video podcast, Samuel Chorlton said, “Our vision with AdBites is to make up-to-date Apple Search Ads insights freely available to all users. By inviting guests to share their knowledge about key topics we can collectively improve our expertise and perform better as an industry.”

Commenting further, “At Redbox we have a deep technical knowledge of Apple Search Ads through the creation of our own CMP (Campaign Management Platform) Astra, and through managing App Store marketing strategies for clients; AdBites enables us to share our learnings in a way that is most relevant to hands-on users, app managers and developers.”

AdBites will embrace a broad range of topics, broadly falling into three tracks: Vertical Insights, Campaign Performance and Technical Topics. In the first six months Samuel and guests will discuss strategic insights for key App Store verticals, best practice for keyword selection, insights about establishing your CPA and maximising performance through creative strategies.

James Salins, Redbox CEO said of AdBites: “Redbox is an Apple Search Ads Partner, but our consultants are in fact experienced in all aspects of App Store marketing, from developing and testing creative assets to Optimisation strategies. AdBites is our way of marrying this holistic Redbox expertise with that of our guest contributors, to bring meaningful insights to those who want to open the door to market-leading Apple Search Ads performance.”

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