Since 2018, we have offered an automated solution for multi-region Apple Search Ads campaigns, originally known as the Redbox Platform. Over time, responding to our clients’ needs, the needs of our experienced agency team and changes in marketing and technology, we have updated, refined, and improved the capabilities of our Platform to the point now, in 2022, where we have completely rebuilt it from the ground up.

Astra is the result; the culmination of several years’ worth of foundational knowledge we have acquired with the aim of providing additional flexibility over what is natively available through Apple Search Ads. Astra's UI maximises data visibility and has improved workflow efficiencies, so you can concentrate your time and thoughts on finessing your domain expertise to maximise the performance of your app marketing

A big step forward with Astra is its dynamic data visualisation dashboard, designed to make understanding how your campaign is performing simplicity itself. The new UI enables you to dip in and out for quick answers, as well as spend time drilling into the nuances of performance, if that’s what you need.

You can easily define, configure, collaborate, and launch campaigns, via the dashboard. You’ll clearly see data such as which region is generating the most downloads over the month, the most effective keywords in your campaign and how well it is performing after the install. This is where you utilise Astra’s automated bid technology, while understanding campaign performance via insightful analysis capabilities.

Astra campaign dashboard

We’ve delivered the user the ability to create multi-region campaigns within minutes, utilising many keyword sources and techniques such as Natural Language Processing* and Keyword Entity Extraction** to build your keyword list. Cost Per Tap Bids and budget allocations are optimised 24/7 with the aim of generating the maximum number of downloads for your specified rate of spend.

Those who run Apple Search Ads campaign will know that it takes time and expertise to do it effectively. There can be a lot of heavy lifting to implement campaigns across multiple technologies and integrate your MMP data for post-install validation. So, we’ve built Astra to carry that load for you; its machine learning† will maximise keyword potential by discovering and validating keywords constantly. Similarly, the Smart Bid Manager takes away the time-consuming work of optimising your budget, by making continuous dynamic adjustments to bid prices and the dashboard enables you to lock bid prices while easily deploying your campaigns in all eligible regions.

Astra Region view

Our platform has come a long way in six months! Astra has evolved to completely meet the needs of app agencies and marketers looking for Apple Search Ads platform that not only saves them time, but also delivers built-in machine learning to take care of keyword bidding, (regardless of the vertical).

In building Astra, your goal was our goal: to increase your ability to achieve industry leading campaign performance. With the launch of Astra, we’ve revolutionised Apple Search Ads campaign management for the iOS app marketing community, and we’ll continue to do so with every new release and feature planned. We have a full-stack team of developers in-house at Redbox, complete with a data scientist. This means we can easily continue to tailor Astra to the needs of our clients and their unique verticals.

Being an Apple Search Ads Partner, it’s vital for the Redbox ad-tech to open doors to greater performance and ROAS, for agency-managed and self-service clients. Astra does all this and more, it’s the new Apple Search Ads campaign management platform that delivers meaningful insights and powers massively improved performance.

The technical bits explained…

*Natural Language Processing: the processing and analysis of language (search) data to predict trends

**Keyword Entity Extraction: Identifying undiscovered keywords or phrases by examining their semantic context (meaning) within the text itself.

†Machine Learning: the branch of artificial intelligence that focuses on the use of data and algorithms to imitate and predict human behaviour, improving in accuracy constantly.

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