3 Steps to Becoming the Master of App Discovery

3 Steps to Becoming the Master of App Discovery

So you have built an app, a brilliant app in fact, but nobody’s downloading it? You’re not the first and you wont be the last. With the Google Play store hosting 2.8 million apps, and Apple trailing closely behind with 2.2million apps, you can imagine how hard it is to be discovered.

It doesn’t matter how good your app maybe, if it can’t be found, it won’t be successful. There are 3 main steps you need to follow to master your own destiny, and get discovered

Understand your audience

Knowing your audience is a huge part of getting your app discovered. If you don’t know who your app is beneficial to, how can you target them? Understanding your key audience sometimes takes a little thought. Is your app focused towards a certain gender or age range? Is it for certain jobs? Knowing these key facts are crucial to understanding your audience, and in turn will help you identify how to best get your app discovered.

Get optimized

Getting optimized is where 90% of app developers fall over. They have a great idea and a smooth functioning app, but they will not be found unless they are optimized for their given store. To be found organically you need to work with the selected stores algorithms, to ensure they favour you and push you up the rankings, and allow you to be found for crucial keywords. Do your homework and

Implement a targeted strategy

In order to be discovered, you have to have a plan of action. No app is ever lucky, they always have a targeted strategy to get themselves found. By understanding your audience, and getting yourself optimised, you can start to build your tailored strategy to get your app discovered. This can include getting yourself ranking organically, or using paid search to help in your quest. But once you can target and utilise a strategy, you are ahead of the game and well on your way to getting your app discovered.

So now you are understanding your problems, you can start to look at your own app and try new techniques. Be brave and try new things, work on these 3 keys areas and you are on your way to mastering your app discovery.

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