Social media can lead to increased app downloads

Being able to interact successfully with existing and potential customers is now a pivotal part of any companies marketing strategy, but it can be a minefield.

Social media is a fantastic resource for promoting your business and therefore your app, especially if you are on a tight budget. It’s low cost and allows you to reach a wide and targeted audience of current and potential customers.

It’s important to remember though that great results take time; everyone uses social media differently so working out the best approach for your business based on what you want to achieve needs to be a priority.

Social media has the power to make an app go viral. But you can’t simply ‘sell’ an app this way. Social media is about conversation, it gives your customers a way to connect with you and keep up to date with what you're doing. It allows you to engage with current and potential customers and build relationships with them. You can learn their likes and dislikes which allow you to tailor your product to meet their needs.

Each social platform works in a different way


Twitters most powerful use is connecting people. It allows complete strangers to come together over common interests and ideas and to participate in a variety of conversations. To get the most out of Twitter you need to interact with your audience.


The purpose of Facebook is to allow you to connect with present and potential customers. By having a Facebook presents and participating in conversations you can spread your brand recognition. It is also a great tool for communicating with other businesses, allowing you to build relationships and cross-promote each other’s products and services.


The main purpose of Instagram is to allow users to share photos and videos. To get the most out of Instagram you need to post consistent, meaningful images that tell a story and therefore attract other users.


Marketing via YouTube will help you get found on Google. Google considers videos to be as important as text-only pages, so by creating well-written articles complemented by a YouTube video you will build backlinks to your site meaning you will be more easily found on Google.

  • Can you answer these questions?
  • What are you objectives?
  • Who is your target audience?
  • Which platforms do your audience most use?

Redbox Mobile can produce and manage strategies across all platforms to help promote your app and answer the above questions. By effectively utilising social media, we can help you build an audience, drive demand for your app, and ultimately increase downloads which will lead to an overall higher ranking in the app store.

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