Apple search ads Search Ads is a new way to increase awareness of your app in App Store searches

What are Apple Search Ads?

Search Ads is a relatively new feature on iOS that allows app developers to pay for their app to be displayed as an ad at the top of the search results in the Apple iOS App Store.

Only one ad is displayed per search and this ad, which is labelled with a blue background and an ‘Ad’ logo, consists of the same content as the app’s App Store listing.

The aim of Search Ads is to drive the right users and traffic to your app when individuals search for your app and similar apps. In other words, you can buy your visibility within the App Store!

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How does Apple
Search Ads work?

The Apple Search Ads platform allows you to bid for keywords you would like your ad to show for when users are searching in the App Store.

Keywords you would like to bid on may include your brand name, competitor apps and core terms that describe the functionality of your app.

Search Ads operate a Cost-Per-Tap (CPT) model, which means you pay only when a user taps on your ad. The price you pay for a tap depends on how much your nearest competitor is willing to pay for a tap on their ad to show for the same user search; however, you never pay more for a tap than your maximum CPT bid. Within Search Ads, you can drive new users and installs by targeting, age, location, device and time of day.

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Why do you need
Apple Search Ads?

Search Ads enables traffic to be easily directed to your app’s page when a customer searches for your app or a competitor app.

Without a Search Ads campaign running, you are potentially leaving your brand unprotected against competitor apps stealing your customers by allowing your competitor to make the first impression.

According to Apple, the App Store is the primary place where users proactively search for apps, with more than 65% of all app downloads coming directly from App Store searches.

Search Ads’ second-price auction means that you can bid competitively without overpaying. The platform also allows you to invest as much or as little as your budget allows with no minimum spend and no long-term commitment.

Why use Redbox?

Google and Apple are continually updating the methods they use to identify and rank apps in their market.

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