AdBites episode 3 - Keyword Power

In episode 3 of AdBites, host Samuel Chorlton welcomes Simon Thillay, Head of ASO at AppTweak to the hotseat, to help us understand how ASO keyword research and data insights can shed light on your audience and their search intent when they visit the App Store.

Simon and Sam discuss how keywords are the way most people find apps, and therefore they're a source of acquisition data, but they're also useful signals to understand user intent and behaviours, which can change on a daily basis! They explore the metrics you should be thinking of when choosing keywords for your Apple Search Ads campaigns and how you can boost your Apple Search Ads by targeting similar keywords and/or semantically related keywords organically.

Keywords matter creatively too! When planning your custom product pages, keyword insights play a role by revealing user search intent, delivering the potential for your creative assets to match user expectations, based on keyword data.

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