Redbox Mobile PLC

Our History

  1. The Times logo
    • Redbox Mobile manages its first ASO Client, The Times
  2. The Wall Street Journal logo
    • Apple Search Ads launches in US Storefront
    • Redbox Mobile manages its first Apple Search Ads client, WSJ
  3. Red Bull logo
    • Apple Search Ads launches in six additional territories
    • Redbox Mobile manages its first Google App Campaign, Red Bull TV
  4. Blackbox Platform logo
    • Blackbox Platform launches - Automated solution for multi-territory Apple Search Ads campaigns
    • Apple Search Ads Launches in six additional territories
  5. TheToolbox logo
    • Redbox Toolbox launches - ASO Analysis application
    • Apple Search Ads Launches in 46 additional territories
  6. Redbox Platform logo
    • Blackbox Platfrom is relaunched as Redbox Platform
    • Redbox Mobile manages its first Facebook campaign
An advert for 'The Times' in the Apple app store displayed on an iPhone screen

We have been helping our clients acquire users since 2013 when we were just a small App Store Optimisation (ASO) agency. Since then, we have expanded into a full-blown App Marketing and User Acquisition specialist agency; using the latest ASO best practices in combination with our own proprietary automated bidding platform to market apps.

Our aim is not only to acquire the best users for our clients' apps but to also ensure app users continue to remain engaged so that they convert into retained and loyal customers.

We take a holistic approach to App Marketing with an appreciation of how the organic and paid marketing strategies are related and how they can be utilised in a positive feedback cycle.

Taking a data-led approach, we apply learnings from the performance of our paid campaigns to the client's organic marketing strategy. This allows us to offer bespoke marketing solutions that are right for our clients' individual apps.

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Meet the Team

The day-to-day running of Redbox Mobile is dependent on our colleagues in the Hungerford and London offices. Our Account Managers, Creative and Sales teams manage, create and sell expertise in London while our Development Team are busily coding and researching new product features in Hungerford.

Line art representing Hungerford town


  • Rory Mudie


  • Mark Hibbins

    Technical Lead

  • Jason Elliott

    Marketing Manager

  • Rhys Carter

    Finance and HR

  • Mark Greenaway

    Creative Director

  • Tilly Roberts

    Product Owner

  • Adam Foot


  • Lawrence Phillips


  • Sam Chorlton


  • Timothy Bailey


Line art representing the London skyline


  • James Salins


  • Fraser Sim

    Sales Lead

  • Lucy Bennett

    Account Director

  • Alastair Barber

    Account Manager

  • Jemima Wildi

    Account Executive

  • Nicole Azu

    Design Lead

  • Lily Sherston

    Account Executive