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What We Do

We use the latest App Store Optimisation (ASO) best practices in combination with our own proprietary automated bidding platform to market apps across paid media, Apple Search and Google App Campaigns.

Our aim is not only to acquire the best users for our clients' apps but to also ensure app users continue to remain engaged so that they convert into retained and loyal customers.

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Who We Work With

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App Store Optimisation

Since our humble beginnings in 2013, we have been delivering customised App Store Optimisation (ASO) strategies for our clients by making data-driven decisions to inform our clients' ongoing plan of action.

We continue to adapt and iterate our market leading ASO approach to stay ahead of the game in an ever-changing industry. An industry where regular updates are made to both the iOS App Store and the Google Play Store search algorithms.

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Apple Search Ads

Apple Search Ads allows iOS app owners to advertise their app directly to users actively searching for an app. And, not just to a few users; according to Apple, about 65% of iOS app downloads occur directly after a search within the App Store.

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Google App Campaigns

Formally known as Universal App Campaigns, Google App Campaigns provide advertisers with the opportunity to promote their app across Google's Search, Play, YouTube, Discover and Display inventories. This makes it the only method of advertising your Android app to users that are actively searching for an app in the Google Play Store.

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The Redbox Platform

How to be successful with Apple Search Ads

Screenshot of the Redbox Platform on an macbook screen Logo for the Redbox Platform

The Redbox Platform creates multi-Storefront campaigns within minutes, adding keywords in 21 different languages that are relevant to your app. Cost Per Tap Bids and budget allocations are optimised 24/7 with the aim of generating the maximum number of downloads for your specified monthly budget.

Easily see how your campaign is performing with our dynamic data visualisation showing which Storefront is generating the most downloads over the month, the most effective keywords in your campaign and how well it is performing post-install.

Whow Games have a great working relationship with Redbox Mobile. With the help of their Apple Search Ads platform, we have been able to scale activity for our core social casino title. Redbox have helped hugely to drive down costs and deliver us highly monetising users. I recommend them wholeheartedly for clients looking for a strong solution to ASA.
Tobias Edl, Head of New Business Relation, Whow Games
Redbox Mobile are experts in ASO and the app eco-system. Working with Redbox has positively impacted The Times and The Sunday Times apps.
Oliver O'Neill, Digital Marketing Manager, The Times

The Redbox Toolbox

ASO for small budgets

Screenshot of the Redbox Toolbox app on an iPhone screen App Store logo for the Redbox Toolbox app

For those who would like to optimise their app listing page on a limited budget, check out our free Redbox Toolbox app.

The Redbox Toolbox is available on both iOS and macOS and allows you to create and manage your own ASO strategy, enabling you to review how well ASO-ed your app is, view handy ASO best practice tips and conduct ASO analysis of your competitors' apps.