Redbox Mobile PLC
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User Acquisition can be a minefield. The space has hundreds of companies making bold claims.

Redbox Mobile are experts at being able to scale both non-gaming apps as well gaming apps globally. We are also hugely experienced in scaling subscription apps.

Our Approach

Our strategy is not to spread your budget thinly across many channels - but to focus on a few major User Acquisition (UA) performance channels that are proven to get apps traction and scale while staying within your budget and performance goals. It's also very important for you to mitigate fraud - so we only trust your budget with clean channels.

The Redbox account management team ensure that you are kept in the picture on a daily basis and by providing clear, concise reporting that cuts through. Consider us an extension of your team.

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Select Channels

Channels we typically use and recommend for app installs:

  • Paid Search - Apple Search Ads / Google App Campaigns
  • Social channels - Facebook, Snapshat, & Twitter but including new channels like TikTok
  • Mobile Performance Demand Side Platform's (DSP): Liftoff, Moloco, Cross-Install
  • Installs directly from handset manufacturers and via major mobile networks
  • Gaming specific channels: UnityAds, IronSource

We thoroughly recommend that any user acquisition budget is first underpinned by good App Store Optimisation (ASO) on your app. Failing to have your ASO in shape will result in a weaker conversion rate for any paid budget.

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