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Effective user acquisition for performance app campaigns

User acquisitions don't just start at the App Store, this is in fact the last stop in a longer journey for a user.

We specialise in user acquisition campaigns across Facebook, Snapchat and TikTok. Paid media can be in the form of social media paid campaigns focusing on driving installs and optimising to in-app events. The core benefit of these channels is to take your app and put it right in front of your target user groups all over the world.

The user journey funnel begins much higher up and through a broader range of channels. Paid Growth is an essential component of your App Marketing Strategy, understanding where and how to target your core audience then drive those users to the App Store will result in an increase in app installs and active users to your app.

Target more users by implementing a multi-channel media strategy

Through a multi-channel strategy for App User Acquisition, paid media will create more installs and engaged users for your app.

The advantage of Paid Media channels outside of the App Stores is the targeting capabilities: you can find and target a bespoke audience to your app and drive strong ROI and valuable users.

Our team develops and manages social media campaigns and programmatic buying campaigns that are focused entirely on the right user and the right creative but also consider the impact of all channels on your presence in the App Store.

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