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What are Google App Campaigns?

Formally known as Universal App Campaigns, Google App Campaigns provide advertisers with the opportunity to promote their app across Google's Search, Play, YouTube, Discover and Display inventories. This makes it the only method of advertising your Android app to users that are actively searching for an app in the Google Play Store.

Why should app developers consider using Google App Campaigns?

Created and managed within Google Ads, machine learning optimises the bids, ad placements and the demographic targeting of the campaign with great success. As of February 2019, Google App campaigns had driven more than the 17 billion app installs. This, at least in part, has to be due to the breadth of inventory available to advertise your app; demonstrated alone with the Display Network, which has over three million sites and apps included in it.

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And despite it being a Google product, Google Ads isn't only for the promotion of Android apps. On iPhones and iPads, iOS apps can be displayed in the Search, Display and YouTube placements.

What is our approach to managing Google App Campaigns?

The advert shown is automatically created by Google's machine learning algorithm using text, image and video assets taken directly from the App Store and Google Play Store and assets manually uploaded into Google Ads. The reliance on creatives taken from your app's listing page makes a strong App Store Optimisation (ASO) strategy imperative to the success of the campaign.

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With the introduction of machine learning optimised bids and placements, marketers were forced to take a different, but more valuable, approach to optimising Google App Campaigns. Rather than being consumed by time-inefficient jobs that can be done much better and quicker programmatically, we can develop a bespoke creative strategy based on your advertising goals. Our in-house Creative Team build the images and videos, which allows the Account Managers to test the performance of these in the Google Ads dashboard with results being fed back into both your Creative strategy and ASO strategy.