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When talking about App Marketing, we must not forget Google, and more specifically the paid function that allows you to buy inventory not only in the Google Play Store but across the Google Network for driving users to both the Google Play Store and iOS App Store.

So what are Google App Campaigns?

Formerly known as Universal App Campaigns, Google App Campaigns provide advertisers with the opportunity to promote their app across the Google Inventory.

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Where can Google App Campaigns run?

Google App Campaigns can reach users across Search, Display, YouTube, and more...

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            different locations an ad can appear when running a Google Ad Campaign

This makes it the only method of advertising your Android app to users that are actively searching for an app in the Google Play Store.

Why should app developers consider using Google App Campaigns?

Created and managed within Google Ads, machine learning optimises the bids, ad placements and the demographic targeting of the campaign with great success. As of February 2019, Google App campaigns had driven more than the 17 billion app installs. This, at least in part, has to be due to the breadth of inventory available to advertise your app; demonstrated alone with the Display Network, which has over three million sites and apps included in it.

Our top 5 tips for success in Google App Campaigns

  1. Make sure you utilise as much creative as possible with lots of variation

    Different creative will sit in different inventory spots, so make sure it's legible as it may only appear on mobile.

  2. Set your daily budgets high enough

    Limiting your daily budget will significantly limit your reach and potentially lead you to not serve ads at the most relevant times.

  3. Regularly test and change your creative

    Even though Google App Campaigns is automated, it does not mean you should let your ads fatigue. Remove, replace and test new creatives to maximise performance.

  4. Utilise video

    In your video, make sure you show off the best features of your app and the experience the user will have, don't compromise the app and user experience for the story.

  5. Test out install campaigns first

    Sounds logical but, you need to capture as much data as possible and slowly add event bidding strategies, don't limit your reach before you have enough data.

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