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What is Apple Search Ads?

Apple Search Ads is an acquisition channel that allows iOS app owners to advertise directly to individuals who are actively searching for an app.

Apple Search Ads is a great user acquisition channel, namely because you're advertising to a user who is already looking for an app. The Redbox Search Ads platform, Astra is our automated Apple Search Ads Management Tool. Our proprietary bidding algorithm and visualisation platform elevates your Apple Search Ads campaigns, improves your performance through automated bidding strategies and provides a clean and clear visualisation of your data from impression to install to post-install events.

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Astra's three core values

  • Improve efficiency

    Easily create, manage and share your Search Ads campaigns with team collaborators

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  • Deliver meaningful insights

    Data is great, but insights are better. Astra will deliver actionable insights to improve campaign effectiveness

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  • Better campaign reporting

    Dynamic dashboard reporting that quickly conveys what's working, and what's not.

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Our technology automates the time-consuming day-to-day tasks that come with campaign creation and management; meaning that multi-region campaigns with keywords from many sources can be created in minutes. The development of Astra is steered by the feedback from our customers and Account Managers and is completed by an in-house team who are Apple Search Ads certified – some of whom were among the first in Europe to be!

Not only does Astra help speed up the set-up and optimisation processes but it bridges the gap between Apple Search Ads and your attribution partner; we don't stop at install, we optimise and analyse campaigns down your user journey funnel helping to deliver you the most cost effective activity and open up the opportunity to scale Apple Search Ads.

Astra By Redbox

How to be successful with Apple Search Ads

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Astra Search Ads by Redbox Mobile creates multi-region campaigns within minutes, utilising many keyword sources and techniques such as Natural Language Processing and Keyword Entity Extraction to build your keyword list. Cost Per Tap Bids and budget allocations are optimised 24/7 with the aim of generating the maximum number of downloads for your specified rate of spend.

Easily see how your campaign is performing with our dynamic data visualisation showing which region is generating the most downloads over the month, the most effective keywords in your campaign and how well it is performing after the install.

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