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An advert for 'The Times' in the Apple app store displayed on an iPhone screen

What is Apple Search Ads?

Apple Search Ads allows iOS app owners to advertise their app directly to users actively searching for an app. And, not just to a few users; according to Apple, about 65% of iOS app downloads occur directly after a search within the App Store.

Why should I advertise my app with Apple Search Ads?

Due to the high intent of the potential customers you are advertising to, you often see higher campaign Conversion Rates than other types of advertising. Apple Search Ads has an average tap-to-install Conversion rate of 50%, providing an efficient marketing solution for apps.

A selection of app icons
A selection of app icons

The ad is not intrusive for users. It is presented like an app's organic listing but with a pale blue background and an ‘Ad’ icon. Additionally, Apple manages which searches apps can appear for. The app that shows in the ad is chosen based on both the relevancy of that app and the value of the Cost Per Tap bid for that search.

The ad appears at the top of the App Store search results and is built from your App Store page listing. The ad can include your screenshots, preview videos, app name, subtitle, description and star rating. So, having a well optimised listing page can positively affect your campaign performance.

A selection of app icons

Who should advertise with Apple Search Ads?

Both well-established apps and newly developed apps can benefit from this form of advertising. We encourage established apps to run both ‘Brand Protection’ campaigns and a more general campaign.

The aim of a ‘Brand Protection’ campaign is to increase the users that see your app first in their search results and so complete the final step in the advertising journey.

General campaigns are suitable for both types of apps since they allow these apps to appear at the top of the App Store search results for searches they wouldn't normally otherwise. This can be particularly effective for new apps aiming to increase their user base and brand awareness.

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The Redbox Platform

How to be successful with Apple Search Ads

Screenshot of the Redbox Platform on an macbook screen Logo for the Redbox Platform

Effectively managing Apple Search Ads campaigns across different Storefronts with keywords in lots of different languages can be quite time-consuming.

Our solution to this problem was to create our own proprietary technology to reduce the time-consuming elements of campaign creation and management.

The Redbox Platform creates multi-Storefront campaigns within minutes, adding keywords in 21 different languages that are relevant to your app. Cost Per Tap Bids and budget allocations are optimised 24/7 with the aim of generating the maximum number of downloads for your specified monthly budget.

Easily see how your campaign is performing with our dynamic data visualisation showing which Storefront is generating the most downloads over the month, the most effective keywords in your campaign and how well it is performing post-install. For a more detailed analysis, CSV reports of the data shown on the dashboard can be exported straight from your browser.