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Since our humble beginnings in 2013, we have been delivering customised App Store Optimisation (ASO) strategies for our clients by making data-driven decisions to inform our clients' ongoing plan of action.

We continue to adapt and iterate our market leading ASO approach to stay ahead of the game in an ever-changing industry. An industry where regular updates are made to both the iOS App Store and the Google Play Store search algorithms.

ASO is not a one-off quick fix; the best strategies are the ones that are ongoing.

A holistic approach to ASO is needed

No longer is it enough for your ASO strategy to be just the clever seeding of keywords that ASO tools tell you are highly searched and of low competitiveness. If only the search algorithms were so uncomplicated! To really improve your discoverability within the App Stores, you need to understand what counts in the algorithms.

A 'Rating and Reviews' strategy, well optimised creatives and a keyword strategy that considers more than just general search volume and competitiveness are just the start.

Do I need both ASO and paid advertising?

A well-rounded ASO strategy will include paid marketing. And, the relationship between paid and organic marketing is not one-way. Installs driven by paid marketing campaigns add to your overall download count and therefore, can influence your app's Category and Keyword rankings. Equally, the performance of paid campaigns can be dependent on how well optimised your listing page is.

Ad networks, such as Apple Search Ads and Google App Campaigns, use your app's metadata to create the ad and to determine whether your app is relevant for the ad placement. So, a poorly optimised app can make life unnecessarily difficult when running paid advertisement.

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The Redbox Toolbox

ASO for small budgets

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For those who would like to optimise their app listing page on a limited budget, check out our free Redbox Toolbox app.

The Redbox Toolbox is available on both iOS and macOS and allows you to create and manage your own ASO strategy, enabling you to review how well ASO-ed your app is, view handy ASO best practice tips and conduct ASO analysis of your competitors' apps.