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Another Day, Another Update: iOS 12

September 17, 2018

Since 2007, when the first iPhone was released we often waited for the obligatory “ping” on our iPhones to let us know the latest update is available. Today is no different as the latest software, iOS 12 is now available across iPhones and iPads globally.


iOS 12

Out of all the iOS softwares that we have seen, iOS 12 is going to be the most reliable out of the lot. If you’re thinking like we are i’m sure you’re aware this is much needed since Apple products are well known to start falling short after the first year of ownership. Problems such as decreased battery life and crashes become like a common cold, possibly short lived but very annoying



Alongside the previous mentioned bug fixes, iOS 12 is likely to bring some fun changes to the Messages App… For all you lovers of photo filters on Snapchat and Instagram you’ll be happy to hear Apple are picking up on the quirky trend. You’ll now be able to send your much loved filtered faces to your friends and family with Apple products. Unfortunately though, for those of us who haven’t kept up with the regularly updating models we can’t take part in the fun. The new filters feature is only available on the iPhone x and later devices. Don’t panic though there are plenty more exciting features…


If you’re into Augmented Reality (AR) or Virtual Reality (VR) this feature is for you. The new iOS 12 gives developers the ability to create multiplayer AR games. Now for those of you who read that as a jumble of fancy words. Augmented Reality is a technology that superimposes a computer-generated image on a user’s view of the real world, thus providing a composite view. For those previously mentioned Snapchat filter lovers or Pokemon Go fans you’ve experienced AR first hand. Pretty cool right?

Pokemon GO

Restricted usage

One feature that will be available on the new iOS 12 software is likely to cause some controversy, Screen Time. Screen Time is designed to restrict the amount of time you spend on your device. So for those of you who want to restrict the amount of time you spend on your devices or have parents who think you should. You may want to start conquering your addictions with Kylie Jenner’s instagram because you may be limited on time. Before your screen time is limited by the new update why not follow us on social media:


Another more exciting and useful feature of the iOS 12 update is Group Notifications. In case the name doesn’t give it away, group notifications is a great way to “group” notifications from the same app. This is great if you’ve just posted a picture on Instagram and get hundreds of likes – yes some people are that popular! Alternatively, those group chats which are constantly taking up screen space while you’re expecting an important message. IOS 12 has you covered by grouping them all together.

Siri Updates

For the more tech savvy among us , the new Siri Shortcuts app and section in Settings is a great way to automate your daily tasks. For example, you might use the Tile app to locate your keys. Siri will suggest adding this as a Shortcut and you’ll just need to say “Find My Keys” next time you lose them!

When is it available?

Are you currently running on iOS 11? After reading this blog are you dying to get your hands on the latest software? All these new features and more will be available very soon, today in fact, so get downloading.

Interested in a new device to test these features out? Check out our blog: Gather Round’ – Apple’s latest announcement, in case you missed it” for the low-down on Apple’s brand new iPhone Xs and XR which were available for pre-order as of Friday (14th September).

iPhone XR

App Developer or Owner: Get in touch today to find out about how to optimise your app.

‘Gather Round’ – Apple’s latest announcement, in case you missed it

September 13, 2018

Yesterday Apple treated us all to a 2-hour, in-depth talk about the release of three new iPhones, as well as two new Apple Watch sizes at their annual launch event in San Francisco.

iPhone Xs

The two new iPhone models mentioned were the Xs and Xs Max. The iPhone Xs is set to replace the company’s 2017 product, the iPhone X. The other, the iPhone Xs Max is a bigger version coming in at a whopping 6.5” screen, the largest screen size ever seen on an iPhone! The smaller of the two has a 5.8” screen – the same as the existing iPhone X. The existing Black & White colours were shown with a new Gold colour device added to the lineup for those of us that like to jazz things up a bit.

New iPhone Xs
The iPhone Xs Max will feature the largest display ever for an iPhone


iPhone XR

After revealing other key information about the new products such as performance, battery and camera improvements. Apple revealed a brand-new line to replace the existing iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus – The iPhone XR! This phone, released to be a slightly more reasonable priced product as the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus was for the iPhone X, has a single lens camera with an 6.1” screen and comes in 6 colours: Black, White, Red, Blue, Coral & Yellow.

iPhone XR
The iPhone XR introduces the first Liquid Retina 6.1” display

But what do these new sizes mean for App Store content?

Well, it’s hard to say exactly. Seeing as this was Apple’s hardware announcement.

What we do know is that Apple have now updated App Store Connect to require developers to upload 5.8” screenshots for their apps, with 6.5” screenshots required from March 2019 and onwards.

iPhone XR
5.8” Screenshots will no longer be optional in the App Store

Apple Watch & Other Products

In other exciting news, Apple revealed the biggest redesign to the Apple Watch since it went on sale. As well as a larger watch face, new features like the first publicly available ECG and Haptic Digital Crown were added. The screen also fills more of the Watch face too – in-line with the striking iPhone X line.

Apple also revealed that iOS 12, watchOS 5 and tvOS 12 will all be released on 17th September, with an update to HomePod bringing new features like multiple timers, phone calling & more. Apple’s macOS version 10.14 will be released a week later to consumers on 24th September.


Here are the base prices for the products revealed by Apple:

iPhone Xs (64GB): £999

iPhone Xs Max (64GB): £1,099

iPhone XR (64GB): £749

Apple Watch 40mm: £399

Apple Watch 44mm: £429


If like us you’re willing to take out a second mortgage for the infamous Apple products we will be seeing you on the 24th of September when the iPhone Xs and new Apple Watch models will be released. Or for those of you who need to do a bit more saving and are after more colourful options we will be seeing you on the 26th of October when the iPhone XR is due to hit stores.

Apple Search Ads is expanding AGAIN!

July 26, 2018

New Territories for search ads

Since running their first Ad at the top of the US App Store in 2016, Apple search ads have expanded their reach by introducing waves of new ‘storefronts’ across the globe.

Search Ads is now available in the App Store across 7 different countries.

As of 4pm PDT 1st August 2018 (12am, 2nd August UK Time): Search Ads will be available in six new territories:

  • France
  • Germany
  • Italy
  • Japan
  • South Korea
  • Spain

Search Ads works by allowing you to bid on specific keywords. It is an essential tool for app developers looking to widen their user base and increase downloads. With the arrival of the new territories, building a strong ad campaign is now more important than ever.

Fortunately, we are ready and well ahead of the game!

Blackbox Platform

Our Blackbox Platform is the easiest way to build Paid Search Campaigns for Search Ads. With intelligent keyword bidding and the ability to serve ads across all territories with ease.

Here at Redbox Mobile, we’ve been working hard to make sure that as soon as the new storefronts go live in Search Ads, our intelligent Blackbox Platform will start running campaigns in those territories.


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How our Blackbox Platform can help you:

Blackbox display

The Blackbox Platform automatically manages your campaigns and streamlines them into a single easy-to-use dashboard. This removes the need to build and manage multiple separate campaigns in Search Ads and adjust them manually. The Platform does this in 3 simple ways:

  1. Automated Keyword Translation


Blackbox doesn’t only bid on keywords in English. Once you have entered your list of core keywords the Platform automatically translates them into five different languages: Arabic, Chinese, French, German and Spanish. Additionally, with the new territories being released our platform will now translate your keywords into Italian and Japanese.

  1. Budget Optimisation


One of the key features of the Blackbox Platform is that it allows you to easily manage your budget. It also automatically optimises your spend for maximum impact. It does this by identifying the highest performing campaigns and drip feeding your budget accordingly. You can also pause campaigns for specific territories half way through spending and Blackbox will automatically adjust to focus your budget on remaining territories.

  1. Smart Keyword Bidding


Blackbox is always learning, and the longer your campaign is running the better the Platform gets at finding the cheapest bid prices for keywords that are core to your app. Blackbox makes millions of keyword bidding decisions per day, and is constantly optimising app campaigns to maximise performance and reduce spend.


Needless to say, the Blackbox Platform is the first of its kind. With 65% of iOS app downloads coming from Search Ads, now is the perfect time to optimise your campaign.

If, like us, you are impatient and want to start exploring the new territories right now you can set up your campaign on the Blackbox Platform today. Your campaign will launch as soon as the new territories go live at 4pm PDT on 1st August!


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For more information about the Blackbox Platform, or how we can help you contact Redbox Mobile today.

Get in touch at info@redboxmobile.com give us a call: 01488 682 442


read our blog “Blackbox, The Machine Learning based Search Ads Tool”

MWC Attendees Get $100 FREE to Spend on Blackbox!

February 28, 2018

Do you have an app? If so, do you want to get more downloads? Well then you’re in luck. The team at Redbox Mobile Plc have created a platform known as Blackbox, a machine-learning tool for managing App store paid search campaigns.

Blackbox is sleek, easy to use, feature full platform. We are offering this year’s MWC attendees and exclusive $100 FREE media spend for every new app on the platform. This allows you to fully test out all the features yourself, before committing your own budget, so why not give it a whirl? The Blackbox team are on hand to assist you if you have any set up queries, just email admin@blackbox-platform.com.

Blackbox optimises keywords every 10 minutes and makes 500,000 decisions a day so you don’t have to. We save our clients time and money by running efficient campaigns and helping businesses like yours to get discovered in the App Store. It works by allowing advertisers to bid on relevant keywords, based on your app’s Meta data, and gives everybody a chance to reach the crucial number 1 position and achieve more downloads than ever before.

Of course, you can set up a campaign yourself on Apple Search Ads directly, using the Advanced version, or Basic if you are based in the U.S. Neither has the feature set and A.I that Blackbox does, so unless you are able to employ an army of experts, Blackbox will save you a serious amount of time whilst ensuring your campaign runs at maximum efficiency. Blackbox currently operates on iOS, with Android coming soon, so keep an eye on www.blackbox-platform.com for more information, or to be kept up to date with our news email admin@blackbox-platform.com and ask to be opted into our newsletter.

Want to know how to get started on Blackbox? Simple! We have created a video on the Blackbox homepage that shows you everything you need to know. Or Follow the steps below to be live in less than 2 minutes minutes:

  1. Go to www.blackbox-platform.com
  2. Select your app store territory and app
  3. Click “lets get started”
  4. Sign up with Google or your email & confirm your email address
  5. The campaign will now build for you, pulling in keywords from your metadata, category and competitors.
  6. Select any keywords you wish to boost
  7. Select your CPA Goals and budget
  8. You’re ready to go live! Make sure to check back regularly to see your results

The Blackbox team are on hand to assist you with campaign setup queries and to make optimisation suggestions. We look forward to working with you and wish you every success in the app store!



Redbox Mobile Plc was founded in February 2013. Redbox is an award winning, global, multi-lingual App Store Optimisation, Apple Search Ads and Google UAC agency that has successfully serviced over 700 apps and brands. We are proud to include The Times, Wall Street Journal, Sky and Redbull in our client portfolio. In June 2017, Redbox Mobile launched the Blackbox Platform, a first of its kind, machine-learning platform for managing App store paid search campaigns. Blackbox optimises towards conversions and is an efficient, scalable and easy to use method of driving more users to your app.

For media enquiries contact: Katharine@blackbox-platform.com

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Android is coming to Blackbox!

February 23, 2018

Do you have an app? If so, do you want to get more downloads? App store paid search is an effective and inexpensive way to increase traffic to your app.

The team at Redbox Mobile Plc have created a platform known as Blackbox, a machine-learning tool for managing your Search Ads campaigns. Blackbox optimises keywords every 10 minutes and makes 500,000 decisions a day so you don’t have to. We save our clients time and run efficient campaigns, helping businesses to get discovered in the App Store.

Blackbox currently operates on iOS, with Android coming soon, so watch this space for more information!

The Blackbox team can’t wait for #MWC2018 next week – we hope to see you there! Come and find us on stand 8.1J16 !

To book a meeting with a member of the Blackbox team, email admin@blackbox-platform.com.

The Redbox team are coming to PocketGamer!

January 15, 2018

Rory, Fraser and Domingo from Redbox Mobile will be at PocketGamer Connects in London on on 22nd and 23rd January. To arrange a meeting with one of the team visit the PocketGamer website.

PocketGamer is the number 1 mobile industry games conference. The team look forward to chatting to games industry professionals about how Redbox can help them acquire even more users, through App Store Optimisation and Apple Search Ads. We have been in business for 5 years and assist clients with their ASO strategy, making keyword and meta data recommendations (to name but a few), which ensure our clients rank organically in the app store. Our Blackbox Platform automates the buying of Apple Search ads by adjusting bid strategy every 10 minutes. This is perfect for apps in the competitive games app store, as it makes running scalable campaigns really simple. We’re even offering $100 free credit for each app when you try out the platform!

Rory will be speaking about how to get your game ranking number 1 in the app store at 5.20pm on Monday 22nd Jan.

We look forward to seeing you at the event!


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