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APS Berlin Workshop December 2020

APS Berlin Workshop December 2020

Fraser & Tilly go on holiday to Berlin (If only!)

This week Tilly and I held a work from home workshop for 200 ASA specialists at APS Berlin.

The session focused on how Redbox solves some of the most frequently encountered ASA issues.

These included;

  • how low bid prices can lead to high CPTs
  • how best to discover new keywords
  • ASO and its impact on ASA
  • scaling campaigns

Watch the full recording of the session below:

We rounded off with a quick-fire round which tackled issues including; discrepancies between Apple Search and MMP data, search match, creative sets and targeting.

Questions from the audience included IDFA / iOS14 implications and whether brands should be paying to bid on their own brand whilst ranking no1 organically for it.

Hopefully next year we'll be able to attend in person and get to see a bit of Berlin.

Download the presentation here

But in the meantime please contact us with any ASA questions or use the Redbox Platform to automate and scale campaigns.

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Auf Wiedersehen

Fraser & Tilly