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Photo of Rory Mudie

Rory Mudie


A 20 year career in sales and marketing across including Capital Radio, BBC and Vodafone preceded his decision in 2013 to create Redbox Mobile The aim was simply to become the biggest App marketing platform in the world, providing the best downloads, for any app, in any store, in any language, anywhere. From humble beginnings, the company has grown and developed until it was awarded ASO Company of the Year 2020.

Has completed
The New York Marathon twice
If he could, he would
Be restoring and selling classic cars
Formula 1
The bagpipes
Photo of James Salins

James Salins


James joined Redbox in January 2019, previously MD at IronSource leading the UK and European teams focused on mobile performance, user acquisition and brand development, He is responsible for the day to day running of the business, strategic development and maintaining effective relationships with our diverse client base.

Films, computer gaming, singing
If he could, he would
Be lead singer in rock & roll band
Favourite restaurant
Al Reef Lebanese, Dubai
Go-To Karaoke Song
Delilah, Tom Jones
Photo of Rhys Carter

Rhys Carter

Head of Finance & Operations

With a background in mobile communications involving payment and customer engagement solutions based in both the U.K. and North America, Rhys is responsible for the company’s financial operations and processes. He ensures the business remains profitable, that effective cashflow is maintained and our accounting methodology is accurate and maintained to the highest standard.

Lego, golf and walks in the countryside
Golf, the colour green, and heights
Specialised subject
Lego, specifically 'Space' & 'Castle' sets from the 1980s
Photo of Sarah Priseman

Sarah Priseman

Commercial Head of Platform & Marketing Lead

Sarah is the marketing lead for the business and the commercial lead for Astra self-service Search Ads proposition. This means that she's lucky enough to work closely with the whole Redbox team to ensure that our mission and vision is on track and in doing so, is learning something new every day!

Mountain biking and cocktails
If she could, she would:
Be a full time street photographer
Guilty pleasure:
Escape (the Pina Colada Song)
Photo of Lucy Bennett

Lucy Bennett

Head of Agency

Lucy ensures we deliver effective results for our clients and is focusing on delivering results and building strong, long lasting relationships with her clients. With over 4 years at one of the UK's largest independent Digital Media agencies, Lucy specialises in Digital Acquisition Strategy across all aspects of Paid and Organic Digital Marketing.

If she could, she would
Be a downhill skier
Musicals, Margarita's and going on holiday
Favourite TV Show
Grey's Anatomy
Photo of Jason Elliott

Jason Elliott

Digital Marketing Manager

Jason is a creative producer & project manager responsible for maintaining our website and social media positioning. Skilled in the delivery of Technical and Creative solutions in both the FMCG and Technology sectors, he has over 17 years of project management experience. He has been instrumental in global campaigns and new product launches for both digital and traditional platforms across large tech and consumer brands.

If he could, he would
Be travelling across Australia in a camper van
Gold Top Milk, Fillet Steak
Go-to Karaoke Song
Fake Plastic Trees, Radiohead
Favourite TV Show
Photo of Fraser Sim

Fraser Sim

Head of Sales

Fraser heads up the sales team for the agency and Astra. He specialises in Mobile Marketing, App Store Optimisation (ASO), Apple Search Ads and Google Ad Campaigns. Category expertise; gambling, gaming, media and publishing.

Road racing & Mountain biking
Struggling with
Learning Spanish
Favorite food
Photo of Alastair Barber

Alastair Barber

Senior Account Manager

A marketing professional with a background in SEO, digital marketing and other channels such as ASO, PPC, Paid Social and influencer marketing, with diverse experience in managing both campaigns and people. As an account manager, he specialises in mobile growth with a specific focus on building and implementing his client's user acquisition strategies across ASO, Apple Search Ads, Google Ad Campaigns.

First job
Swimming Instructor
Rugby, Skiing, Golf and all things Disney/Marvel
Reality TV and Shepherd's Pie
Go-to Karaoke Song
Sweet Caroline, Neil Diamond
Photo of Jemima Wildi

Jemima Wildi

Account Manager

Jemima is responsible for client acquisition and account management, she is an expert in optimising Apple Search Ads campaigns. Working closely with her clients, she devises quick and effective ASO strategies that boost organic visibility of apps within the App Store.

Making dinner every day
Other people in her kitchen
Specialised Subject
Solves crosswords in seconds
Go-To Karaoke Song
Defying Gravity, Wicked the Musical
Photo of Samuel Chorlton

Samuel Chorlton

Chief Technology Officer

Samuel ensures Astra is able to position itself as a leading intelligent Software as a Service (SaaS) in the delivery of Apple Search Ads marketing campaign management. Our platform makes in excess of 500,000 decisions a day, optimises keywords every 10 minutes, and uses state of the art forecasting models to target the best performing keywords and maximise budget spend for clients. Samuel is an experienced Technical Architect with a demonstrated history of working in the research industry. Skilled in Python (Programming Language), C++, Data Visualization, Java, and Apache Spark. Strong engineering professional with a Bachelor of Science (BSc) focused in Computer Forensics from University of the West of England.

Old books, hiking, photography
In 3 words
Can-do, easy-going, dog-walker
Favourite item
Early edition copy of Peter and Wendy by JM Barrie
Photo of Mark Greenaway

Mark Greenaway

Creative Copywriter

With a background in radio broadcasting, creative production and script writing across Europe, Australia and New Zealand, Mark ensures that any ASO campaign has optimised metadata and provides effective eye catching copy for social media content. Mark is also the appointed moral officer for the company and his witty banter is always welcomed on the morning team meetings.

Old movies, new destinations, classic cars, Roger Moore
Liquorice, queues, speed limits, caviar, Daniel Craig
If he could, he would
Be drinking tea at his house by the lake
Go-To Karaoke Song
Nobody Does It Better, Carly Simon
Photo of Timothy Bailey

Timothy Bailey

Senior Software Developer

Timothy is an experienced Frontend Developer that dabbles with 'Full Stack', he designs, analyses, develops and tests the software required to run Astra. Most of his time is spent working on UI but he also deals with server configurations or doing pure design work such as creating informative, attractive graphics.

Computer gaming, 3d printing
Favourite movie
The Iron Giant
Favourite colour
Go-To Karaoke Song
Anything Red Hot Chilli Peppers
Photo of Alex Kurtsaev

Alex Kurtsaev

Front End Developer

Meet Alex, a new member of our very busy Technical Development Team. Previously, Alex was a freelancer, so he’s moved around a lot over the last few years. We now have him hard at work creating a whole new look for Astra…

What motivates you?
Creativity. I like to be busy and I enjoy seeing the projects I work on come alive
Any dislikes?
Superhero movies, they bore me. I’m not that fond of English food either…
If you woke up today and discovered that there would be no tomorrow, how would you spend your last day?
I’d take a fast drive (he has the keys to a rather sleek German sports car in his pocket) and go somewhere. Maybe Scotland, for the views
Favourite food?
I like Japanese food, sashimi, tasty meals like that. I enjoy fish
Do you collect anything?
Shoes. I have lots of shoes, particularly sneakers
How would you describe yourself in 3 little words?
Calm, quiet, dependable (Most of the time)
Any favourite books you like to read?
‘The End of Eternity’ by Isaac Asimov
Star Wars or Star Trek?
What’s your greatest achievement?
I write and compose music, for myself and mostly other people. I have over a million streams on Spotify. I play the guitar, bass, keyboards, saxophone and drums
Any regrets, or too few to mention?
I’m restless. I always think I should be somewhere else rather than where I am
Photo of Jakub Sitko

Jakub Sitko

QA Test Engineer

Primarily a background in QA, worked for various Software companies fulfilling some variation of a Test Engineer role; created test tools, designed and managed automation systems, as well as running through user testing. Jakub's main focus is testing and everything related, from manual testing to automation and any processes/procedures that go with it. Biggest achievement to date is getting away for a year to travel Asia, South/North America and Canada are next on the list!

Games, gym, motorcycles and peanut butter
If he could, he would
Be an explorer/photographer
Favourite food
All food, but definitely has a sweet tooth!
Photo of Stephanie Daire

Stephanie Daire

Data Scientist

Stephanie has a background specialising in Analytics and Data Science across various industries including banking, mobile telecommunications and retail. Stephanie's main focus is to develop and improve the Machine Learning algorithms powering Astra.

Music, films, baking, playing netball (and many other sports)
If she could, she would
Be a concert pianist or professional sports person
Favourite animal
Photo of Samantha Carter

Samantha Carter

Office Manager

A Human Resources specialist, Samantha keeps the office running smoothly and efficiently with an emphasis on developing and implementing new administrative systems, oversees the recruitment of new staff, including training and induction. Samantha has exceptional organisational skills and is essential to the day to day functioning of the company. Her focus is employee relations, applying and advising on employment law, health and safety, pay and benefits, recruitment and training.

Theatre, her 3 children, lasagne
Favourite TV Show
Criminal Minds
Preferred sandwich
Banana and soft cheese
Photo of Miray Karuduman

Miray Karuduman

Design Team Lead

Miray is an experienced graphic designer and motion graphics artist specialising in creating illustrations in different styles, designing branding & promotional materials (both for digital and print) and creating short animated videos and motion graphics. Her primary focus is providing innovative and eye catching screenshots and illustrations that accompany our many and varied ASO projects.

Desserts and dogs
Coriander, running, coffee
If she could, she would
Be a cinematographer
Favourite movie(s)
Ferris Bueller's Day Off, The Grand Budapest Hotel, The Dark Knight
In 3 words
Creative, Adventurer, Turkish
Photo of Katrina Lee

Katrina Lee

Senior Designer

Katrina is a Graphic Designer with a broad knowledge of marketing and branding, she specialises in Adobe Indesign, Adobe Illustrator, Graphic Design, Illustration, and Branding. She is a media and communication professional with a Bachelor of Arts (BA) focused in Graphic Design from University of Worcester.

Dogs, rom-coms, concerts and exploring parks/forests
Fun fact
Became vegetarian when she was 10 years old after a bet with her brother
Favourite TV show
The Bold Type
Photo of Robert Hurley

Robert Hurley

Digital Media Designer

Robert is our new addition to our design team, as a Digital Media Designer, he’ll be responsible for the creation of internal and external imagery, screenshot designs and anything else that needs some design input. Originally from Cork, Ireland via the University of Limerick, we’ve already got him busy creating sketches for our new Astra logo re-brand. With his suitcases packed for an imminent flight over to meet the team, he’s already made plans to move to London on a permanent basis.

Anything you dislike?
I’ve been a vegetarian now for 5 years now but I still don’t like parsnips.
What would you do today if there was no tomorrow, tomorrow?
Play table tennis. (He’s calm in the face of danger)
If you could eat one meal for the rest of your life, what would it be?
Hummous. (He’s easily pleased)
How many pairs of shoes do you own?
6. 2 x boots, 4 x trainers. (He’s sporty, likes football, F1 and tennis)
When was the last time you left the country and where did you go?
Last month, I went to Prague. It’s well worth a visit, very pretty, very old. Helps that it’s cheap and affordable too…
If you scooped the lottery, what would you do?
Buy a cottage in West Cork. Live quietly beside the sea.
What was the last book you read?
‘Rings of Saturn’ by W.G. Sebald. It’s about a walking tour of Suffolk, it’s part fiction, part travel, biography, myth, and memoir.
Photo of Anil Ozdemir

Anil Ozdemir

ASO Lead

An ASO expert with educational engineering and business administration background. Responsible for strategic planning, optimising and reporting of ASO operations including conversion rate optimisation from beginning to end. Anil is experienced especially in gambling, sports and game genres.

Grass volleyball and espresso martini
Beach sand, broad bean and crying babies during flight
Favorite Quote
Everyday, in every way, I am getting better & better!
Photo of Carla Capuano

Carla Capuano

Senior Account Executive

Carla is an Account Executive with an extensive knowledge of marketing and multilingual communications. Recent addition to the Redbox team, she is a digital marketing and cultural mediation professional with a Master’s in Business Administration - MBA from Anglia Ruskin University, London.

Dogs, music, stand-up, films and travelling
If she could, she would
Travel around the world and learn all the different languages
Favourite TV show
The Office US
Photo of Diya Afreen

Diya Afreen

ASO Executive

Diya is an ASO Executive recently graduated in MSc International Business from University of Hertfordshire.

Binge watching TV shows, Cats, Long walks, Chocolates
Favourite TV show
Pretty Little Liars
In 3 Words
Patient, Ambitious, Empathetic
Photo of Olivier Hart

Olivier Hart

Finance Administrator

Favourite place currently is Sydney, I've just got back from a 2 year trip to Australia and I can't wait to carry on with the travels. - I’m struggling to come up with anything interesting. (It’s always the quiet ones)

Chocolate, the theatre and Baking
Being cold and wet socks
Favourite Drink
Photo of  Angie Avendano Escorcia

Angie Avendano Escorcia

Account Executive

Angie has a Bachelor's degree in Translation and Interpreting and a Master's degree in Digital Marketing from ESIC Business School in Spain.

Favourite TV show
Money Heist
Ice cream. Favourite flavour is vegan fudge brownie from Ben & Jerry's.
Doesn’t like
Olives and beer
Pornstar martinis, long walks, going to the beach (can't do that one as much she now resides in London)
Photo of Chloe Bailey

Chloe Bailey

Account Executive

Our new Account Executive originally hails from Leatherhead, she’s only recently completed her degree in Marketing and Digital Media at Bournemouth University and has launched herself on an unsuspecting world with her first job by joining us. So, what motivates you in the mornings? Digital marketing can be easy to track and I love seeing results. I’m not one for standing around, I like to be active, going to the gym is a must for me, I love exercise. I love being outdoors too, get that blood pumping…

Movies/tv series, I love a good box set and getting into a show. Currently watching ‘Osark’ on Netflix, Dogs and Sunbathing
Cats, Loud chewers. (Keep your mouth shut) and Cocktail sausages
When was the last time you left the country and where did you go?
I’ve just come back from the South of France. Lovely…
How many shoes do you own?
Loads, too many to count, I have boxes overflowing with shoes. Call me Imelda Marcos.
What would you do with a lottery win?
I’d buy my own ski chalet, I love skiing. I’d also get a place in the sun so I have the best of both worlds.
If there was no tomorrow, what would you do with your last day?
I love a good sunset, I’d head for the beach and take in one last glorious sunset…
Favourite food?
Sushi. All day long.
What was the last book you read?
I’m not good at finishing books. I’m currently into ‘Women Don’t Owe You Pretty’ by Florence Given.
Photo of Kanza Ghani

Kanza Ghani

Account Executive

Kanza graduated in 2016 and recently joined us as an Account Executive, bringing with her a wealth of ASO experience gained as a freelance specialist for companies around the world. She’s sharp, she’s clever, she’s funny and her smile could power a lightbulb for months… What gets you up in the mornings and keeps you motivated? I love learning new things, I’m passionate about understanding how things work and applying that knowledge to the job in hand. I like to make myself as knowledgeable as possible on anything I’m involved with.

Favourite things to do
I enjoy travel, I like to return to Pakistan at least once a year to see family and friends. Before the pandemic, I was out in the States, I like seeing the world and what it has to offer.
Cricket (I love watching a good game of cricket), Food, particularly Chinese and Netflix.
1. Nothing. (I'm easily pleased)
What would you do if you scooped a lottery win
I’d buy a big house and fill it with lots of children! I’d also try to help people, use the cash to create opportunities for those not as privileged as I.
How would you spend your last day if there was no tomorrow
I’d hug my parents and kids!
What was the last book you read
I’m not a big reader of books for fun. I’ve just had a baby, I simply don’t have the time!

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